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Jan 8, 2002
The American Red Cross is asking for monetary donations to purchase food and water for the victims in south Florida. They will be without power for up to 4 weeks. The contact number is 1-800-HELPFL1. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have not been able to contact Smitty. She was at ground zero on landfall.
I'm headed to Hardee Co. with supplies for my brothers and help with clean up! Thanks


Dec 11, 2000
yea, ole charley ripped us a new one! luckily i live about 30 miles out of orlando and didnt have much damage to my home and minor property damage but i work right downtown and our company bldg. got hammered estimated 400,000 in damages and is about half gone! weve lost alot and its gonna take a while to get back-up and running! luckily though we are all alive! keep us in your prayers theres alot of folks that will be without power and water for the next few weeks and its about 92 degrees today!


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Dec 6, 2003
Frigid Ohio
11:30AM Thursday, I was told to "Get the Hell outta Dodge". Evacution Zone A.

So, I packed up the Jeep with what I thought I would need to start all over again. 8-14'tidal surge & I live about 3' above sea level. TV, computer, all my rifles, files, a couple of fishing rods, the Fax, some clothes...Hit the bank on the way out, kissed all my crap good-bye, and drove 200 miles to the east coast. Got there at 4AM, dead tired and unloaded. Got up at 9AM and started watching the news.

Channel 6 News "Hey Y'all...Guess Whut... She's a turnin'...If your near Orlando.. Get the Hell outta Dodge!!!!

Crap! I'm only 50 miles east of Orlando.... and St Pete was 120 !!!!!!!!!!

To late, rode it out there and had to wait till Sunday for the roads to clear to come back home.

This was my 4th one in less than 10 years, it's getting kinda old.