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Can I get some advice on Lopes (self Guided)

JB Florida

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Dec 9, 2000
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Here is the deal,
It's looking like I can get away from the beach as soon as Summer is over. I'm trying to squeeze in some lope hunting with/between Elk hunts. I'm just interested in Archery and I'm gonna guess that means waterhole hunting. I can spring for a trespass fee to get on some good-uns if private land is that much better!
Can you make some suggestions as to states?
I talked to a guy some time back that recomended a private landowner in Wyoming but I have lost the name.
And even areas? AND NO!
I'm not asking for your honey hole GPS numbers

I just would prefer not to use an outfitter.
Simply because I am a better hunter than most of the guides I have used.

In fact, I will trade for some help!
Perhaps some time at the beach or an Alabammy deer hunt?
You can e-mail me directly [email protected] or just catch me here!
J.B you put in for antelope in AZ and get drawn. I will take you out and show you all the spots I know..... Archery hunting for them is a blast.... Oh you can also put in for AZ on a cc card and be only charged $5... if you get drawn they take the money if you dont they only take $5 no more need to send th 300-500 bucks for a tag...

I love antelope hunting in AZ and pretty much know most of the units where they hang out.... Rifle season pretty much guarteed a lope unless your a lousy shot.... Bow season if you like to stalk and are creative you should have no problem getting with in 20-30 yards....


Thanks! I guess the season dates are not posted yet. I just popped over and checked.
That deal for a Credit Card for the app is just COOL! I'll talk to ya shortly!
Do you know how are the non-res archery draw odds?
about as good as the elk odds maybe better.... they will go have dates usually around the 2nd week of may.... but hey if it cost you only $5 you cant beat it......

when the units dates come out I will let you know(remind me also) I scout for antelope every year regardless if I get drawn or not, so preseaon scouting for me is no problem, most units are only 2 hours away , and I shoot yotes when i scout anyway.....

I dont mind doing this for anyone on this board.... I would much rather lope hunt than anything else anyway...
I used to hunt around Vermilion Creek, which is about 60 miles south of Rock Springs, WY. Great hunting for antelope. I bet there's still plenty of them there. Just follow the road south from Rock Springs and head East when you get to Vermilion Creek. Go about three miles and start lookin'.
Hey Delw, i have been applying for unit 1 for a couple years. Know that unit at all? I have a freind who lives in Tucson and elk hunted there and saw lots of lopes in the junipers. Said it was a good area to bow hunt he thought. Any advise would help in my apps for this year.
Best units for archery are unit 9 10 8a(i think thats it) the ones south and west of seligman and east of seligman... I like unit 9 best there are some really big ones and they hang out in small 1 acre pathes of grass in the pines so spot and stalking with a bow is pretty easy... now that I got 2 of mine in unit 9 with a rifle I am only hunting them with a bow..... I might put in for unit 9 with a rifle and let my daughter shoot it...

the area where ithaca is talking about is a good unit so its unit 10 or the west unit of seligman for get the number....

I Dont like the eastern (unit 1&27)areas due to the long drive from the house, if I am going to drive up that far I would assume going to the north rim....

Unit 7 is a good unit also but lots of small bucks... north of prescott has a few nice antelope but the city limits blew way out in the last 2 years and land locked them... I could be more unit specific when I look at my map....

most of the best archery antelope is in the junipers and pines... the biggest antelope I have ever seen was in unit 9 in the tall pines walking down a canyon I got some vid of him I will put up..

I've never bowhunted for antelope before, but in CO you can buy a tag over the counter that is good in much, but not all, of the state. No draw. Unfortunately, all the areas I've hunted with rifle have limited archery tags, so I can't help you out much. But feel free to ask any more questions.

MT is the state you are looking for. Most of the other areas, AZ and WY have difficult draws in most of the premium areas, even if you only want to archery hunt. In MT, for archery apply for the "900" tag. You are guarenteed to draw and can hunt every open unit in the state. There are some great places to hunt lopes in MT, lots of places. Access is key. Block Mgt areas are terrific during archery season, as there are very few archery antelope hunters out there. Lots of places to hunt and it's a sleeper place for big buck antelope.
Thanks for the help guys!

I've been reading the stats for several states, and the regs/license info.
Its pretty funny if ya think about how different the Southeast is from Western state hunting.
In ALABAMA to get a license (res or non-res)
you walk into ANY gasstation or small corner store and plop down $16 Resident or $177 Non
(this is for big game 1 full year.)
The bozo behind the counter then>
A)looks at your drivers license
B)has you fill out the License card
C)asks if you shot any birds last year
if yes: How many dove and how many ducks
Then they put a sticker on the back of your hunting license that says you can wack birds too. You then leave with the ability to do this
1) Archery deer hunt from October 15th until the saturday before Thanksgiving with a limit per day of 1 buck & 1 doe (for about 35 days)
2) Rifle or Archery deer hunt from the Saturday before thanksgiving until January 31th of the following year with a limit in the bottom 2/3 of the state of 1 buck & 1 doe (This lasts for about 75 days)

3)Archery or shotgun hunt from March 20th until April 30th with a 5 bird limit on Gobblers

4)you can take bobcats, coyotes years round as long as it is daylight.

In the Western States, you fill out an application and mail your resume and a few hundred dollars and in a few months they will notify you if you are allowed buy a license and a stamp for this and a permit for that and buy a map for the areas.
So i'll quit my b!tch!n

In reality, the New Mexico and Arizona make sense, but the Montana stuff is hard to follow. Maybe it was the Maragritas we had while watching the sunset tonight

I try again tomorrow on that one!

Thanks for all the assistance!
I am FIRED UP to get a lope with my bow!
Lusk, Wyoming is on the edge of a vast BLM area that produces good heads each year. There are also plenty of exceptional animals in that little corner near Colony.

You do not have to pay a tresspass fee to hunt BLM lands!
You really got video of that monster buck!? That's great. What kind of camera did you use to get your video? Did you have any special lens to reach out there? I'm looking forward to when you post the vidcaps.

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Greeny you got a point there. I guess i should look at other places than AZ. I know a guy who got 2 popers in 2 years in north dakota. He said it was real easy to get permission and never saw any other bowhunters so it was easy to kill one both times. I may tag along on his hunt this year if out schedules work out.
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