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California Quake

I heard about that on the radeo, and on the news tonight. The first thaught in my mind was all the Cali boys on the site. How is everyone?
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We didn't feel anything around here.
Yeah I felt it. My house was rocking and pounding and banging.I really thought that my house was going to break apart. Scared the shit outta me. Everything is fine though, no damage to speak of. My wife is in the hospital, so my inlaws have our kids at their house. They live outside Paso Robles by Lake Nacimiento. My mom-in-law,and my son and daughter were in Paso when it happened. If you guys seen it in the news, she had just pulled away from the intersection where all the buildings went down. She was driving by and felt a thump, she thought she had hit something. She looked in the rear view mirror and saw the builing collapsing right behind her. They are fine but a little shaken up I think. Two people were killed right there when that builing came down. Really makes you stop and think about what's important. My wife is going to be OK my kids are ok, I just thank God that he was watching over my family today. I was really freaked for awhile.Thanks for thinking about us.

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