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Feb 27, 2002
i took off friday morning to head back to south carolina.we are finally getting some cooler weather up there but the deer arent hitting the club stands because the acorns are falling everywhere.i put my climber in a swamp overlooking a thick feild of small pines and palmettos hoping to catch some deer slipping into the swamp. just before dark i heard something coming out of the swamp.ive never heard a deer coming in but the way the leaves were rustling i knew thats what it had to be.when the deer turned its head enough for me to move it was right below my stand, i was hoping to let it get a little away from me before i shot but its tail kept raising and lowering and i knew he would run any second. the deer was standing 3 yards from me and when i looked through my scope all i could see was brown so i looked for white and squeezed the shot.the deer dropped where he stood and that was great because he would have been tough to find in that thicket at night.i have never had a deer come in that close to my stand before and it really cool to see them up close like that, helps explain why bowhunting is so addictive.it was a 110 pound spike with 2 inch antlers and while every buck is a trophy i didnt get pictures of this guy because the horns were to small. this weekend was a dog drive weekend and it was the only deer killed all weekend. im not real impressed with the dog hunt part but i think this club will be a keeper for stand hunting anyway. its a shame i only have 1 and 1/2 months left to hunt this year.
3 yards?!?!

Congrats on the buck Tim!!
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