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May 3, 2003
Well, I finally found a place closer to home to hunt pigs. I was at a gun show here in SLC and found a guy from Collbran Colorado. He does russian boars and exotics on 1700 acres. I have been looking for a hog hunt for some time and am happy that I finally found one.

I also added a Spanish or Catalina goat to the weekend for not much more dough. I was hoping that someone on here (hint hint Tom) might give me some pointers as how to field judge these critters and also some things to look for in deciding to shoot or not. Also, I havent picked a date for this hunt yet. Is there a better time of year for these animals as far as the coat is concerned? I presume that early to mid winter is best? And is there any difference in the Spanish goat and Catalina goat? This will be the first in a hopefully long list of exotics for me.

While I'm at it has anyone heard of this outfit before or had any experience with them? There name is the Lost Creek Ranch.

I'm not real good at field judging. I know Records of Exotics scoring best and SCI adds two mass measurements to that, so mass counts for more weight there. ROE uses two mass measurement, base and halfway out. The length on both methodes goes around the curl as you move out the horn to get its length, so if one has twisting horns that are thick, then you get a lot of length in the twist and you get a lot of mass, because they are thick.

The beards are just what you like, a big beard is neat, except it might stink till you wash it. They pee all over them to attract the females I guess.

There's a Records of Exotics web page that has the actual score sheet to study, plus I'll post a picture of one that made silver level last year. If you see what a little smaller it would be bronze level and a little bigger, it would be gold level.

Lots of different goats, not just Spannish goats, can get classified as Catalina. Like in SCI, any goat that doesn't have its own category, goes into Catalina. In ROE its any goat with those type horns. They come in lots of colors, some all white.
is the web page describing ROE scoring and bronze, silver, and gold levels.


is a silver level one. I shot it with a shotgun, because that's what I had varmint hunting when I saw the heard of goats and snuck up on them. So stick and string would be neat.

Good luck! Especially on finding lost creek.

Here's one with more twist to show you the idea. He scored more on length than the one I shot.

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Thanks a bunch for the help. I sure like that site that you linked me too. You might see me registering there soon.

You are right I would have trouble finding lost creek. Just this morning I was in the car and saw the reciept said Little Creek. I dont know what I was thinking.


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