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Boman's Colorado Deer


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Jan 30, 2002
Here are a few pictures of Boman's nice Colorado buck. Congrats on a great deer Michael!!




Thanks Deerking for posting them. couple things to note.. Check out the Huntalk hat and shirt in the 2nd pic! Check it out Moosie. You can give me the prize now... he he. Also even though my dad's ghetto camera says 1994 I promise it was this years hunt..
Hey guys I meant to give the details and such but got busy for a while. Damn work keeps getting in the way.. hehe. Check out the shot antler on the right back fork..Also I am holding the antlers on that broke off with my right hand (his left side) Anyways here is the story and here are some of the details:

Gun: Weatherby Accumark .340 Weatherby
Ammo: Factory Federal Trophy bonded bearclaw 225 grains
scope: 4x16x50 bushnell elite 4200
gear: alaskan outfitter packframe and pack
hat and t shirt: Huntalk yeah!
Shot distance: 225 yds roughly stepped off..

Here's my story..
Well the first day of the 2nd season was really unproductive we didn't see one deer or elk (other than the one on the road to our spot). We hiked into where I took a bull a few years ago and there wasn't much sign and no movement. So the first day ended fairly unproductive.. The 2nd day was the day. We decided to hike into higher country on this day to see if the elk were up there. We got about a qtr of the way up to our spot and I decided to put some moleskin on my feet as the blisters set in.(not new but not all the way broke in boots) after sitting for a while the sun started to show itself and we started seeing deer in front of us. We glassed all the deer for about half a hour. In all there was about 40-50 deer. No big bucks were seen right away. Lots of forkies and small 3x3's. As we were just getting ready to get up and get on to our higher up elk spot I spotted a huge bodied deer by itself. I told dad to check it out. Well he just couldn't find the darn thing (I think he's blind at this point!) So I check out the buck and he turns out to be an OK 4x4 about 23 or 24 inches wide and not all that tall but ok. So I tell dad that I pass and that he should take him.. Well guess what... he can't find him in the scope either! So he says for me to take him. And I tell him if I do then we have to concentrate on filling the elk tags the rest of the week and not worry about these deer.. He agrees and so I take the shot. It was about a 225-250 yd shot. Easy right.. Wrong.. I shot the deer disappeared. I'm thinking yea I get to go collect a decent buck and then go get to the real hunting. Well 2 hours later I am thoroughly pissed at myself for missing. I ended up finding his tracks and tracked him across the snow and into the dark timber and not a speck of blood...At this point I'm sitting almost on top of the mtn and getting ready to head back down to my dad so we can go. I notice movement to my right...I see a huge set of antlers and I think damn there are some elk.. I get my scope right on them and I think Crap that's no elk that's a fricken giant buck! At this point he sees me and turns around to go back into the dark timber and I see 3 other bucks with him. They all make a b line to the top of the mtn so they can get over it and out of my sight.. They were all really nice bucks but I just couldn't get a shot. I whistled, stomped my feet, cow called.. nothing.. then I clapped.. That did it. The 3rd buck stopped broadside to me. He looked really good so I dropped the hammer..Boom the .340 roared and the down the buck goes but on his way down he picks up some momentum. And I look and I'll be damned here he comes down the mtn.. End over end rolling. Well after about 75 yds of this he comes to a stop now almost horizontal with me. I'm sure he's dead so I grab my pack and get ready to go over to him..I look up again and he's looking at me. So down I go get the shooting sticks out again. Boom! One shot antler... Yep I shot his antler. Boom! again One dead deer...Finally. At this point I am furious at myself for making bad shots. I get over to the deer and am surprised at how nice he was. My first shot had grazed his back just enough to knock him down but certainly not kill him. In the fall he broke off 2 back points but I found them and you can see me holding them on. They broke right at the V.. You can also see where I shot the deer in the horns. Thank God I didn't shoot the horn off. The pack out sucked. I slipped on some ice and twisted my knee real good. Pretty sure I'll have to have surgery for a torn ACL and meniscus cartilage.. But oh well I guess that was my punishment for bad shooting. I checked the rifle and nothing was wrong. It was just me.. I'm still mad about that... But anyways Thats my story. Sorry so long.. Thanks for reading.

Really nice buck, Boman! Good thing there isn't still a point restriction, you were reducing the number quickly! ;) Congratulations!

Boman, thanks that was more like it. I enjoyed your account of the hunt very much. Don't worry you aren't the only one mad about your shooting this year. I put on a clinic with Moosie as my witness.
Nice deer Bo, and real nice looking country :cool: I think the problem was the the calibre you used it wasn't powerfull enough.
Colorado Oak, that's pretty good. I was thinking the same thing.

Big Sky, yah I'm still pissed about my shooting. I've got a cow hunt this weekend I hope to shoot straight this time..

Kiwi hunta, I knew someone would give me hell about the caliber.. just glad it was you. I truly love that gun/caliber. When I do my part it flattens everything.

Thanks guys

Great buck and great story. Maybe you need to spend some more time with your rifle. Too bad about the broken antlers. Maybe your taxidermist can fix them.

Hope your knee is just sprained and not an ACL/MCL break. Hope it heals OK. Have it scoped right away to see if the ligament is severed. If it is severed, now is the time to fix it. Not later after it has attrified. I have been told that now they can see as much with an MRI as an arthroscope.

Good deer Bo!...so who should be giving who "tips" on where to hunt ;) .....I feel I may be being duped :eek:
Thanks to everyone first. I appreciate it. And now to answer some posts.

Trophy Killer, Yes he is my biggest to date. And as such I am very proud. Thanks again

Todd, Yes my knee is good enough to chase cows. My season starts on Sat. Sounds like you'll be doing the same. Good Luck to you!

DS, Now now he is a good buck but remember I have a problem with finding the elk not the deer. Good one though. Heck I don't know if I can but I can sure try to show you some bigger deer. You can trust me.. Nobody's been duped here.

To everyone who cares. I went back to the Dr yesterday and I have torn my Meniscus in 2 places. No ACL tear is evident. I am going to have the knee scoped in Dec sometime. Thanks everyone