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Blacktail Cop out....


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Apr 5, 2001
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Well after trying for a pretty nice 3x4 for nearly half of the archery season I copped out and shot the 2x3 I had passed on two other times


I did manage a picture of the bigger buck (standing next to the one I shot) but it was on an adjacent property and that was as close as he ever got....least I now have a "before and after" of my 2x3.


Little bastard just gave me a shot I couldn't pass on about 15' from my treestand......damn, I'm weak

Sweet before and after MarvB. Job well done. Hopefully the big guy will keep on growing and you can get him next fall.
Thanks guys...believe me I'm not looking the gift horse in the mouth but I had seen that bigger buck (and he is a NICE blacktail) so damn many times we were almost on a first name basis....except he'd never give me a shot
...course that's how he got that size to! You're right though- he will be a monster if I can find him next season!

Ridge- You know how it goes in this fuggin state
I try to draw an X zone every year and then settle for a C and B tag.
This year was a little different as they even broke the C's up into bow zones...anyway to screw the hunter they'll go for it.

I spent a lot of time around Clear Lake as a kid (before it became too "resorty". Had friends that lived in Finley and an Uncle over in Willits. I live up in Redding now.
As said earlier MarvB any buck is a trophy especially a blacktail with a bow. Nice buck and congrats. Where in Calif do you hunt? I hunt the A Zone for those guys up around Clear Lake.

Happy trails
Yeah Cali that buck is gonna be a real smoker by next year! The next property owner had dumped some braches off of some kinda tree on that corner and those damn bucks (5 different ones total) would come through there almost every day and feed?

I got to know every inch of that big boy through my treestand was only about 125 yards off that property corner.

Here's another pic of the first bucks:

and here is a shot I took when the other three came in at once. That right had buck had kind of a funky 3X4 rack...the other two were straight forks-


The place I've been hunting (hogs) the past couple of years down below Hollister had some dandy bucks on it as well but they just doubled their fees this year
and I can't justify that kind of $$ to hunt blacktails...
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