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Jan 7, 2001
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just got my "bear hunting" magazine today and in the back is a diagram of a blackie. it shows the heart and lungs between the front legs. so when i take my shot at my bear should it be into the shoulder or just behind the front leg like on a pig?
yup, right behind the front shoulder, and always throw another shell in the chamber and be ready for a follow up shot.
C.C. I shoot those "DART" systems for bear with the bow. Funny sometimes they put the vitals in the BELLY area. MAkes ya wonder huh ?~?~~? Anyways, I like a just behind the shoulder 1/4-ing away a bit. That way there is NO worries of getting them.

I also Like to be real real close to the bear before pulling the trigger...... Heck I know guys that shoot um across the canyon though...... HEhe
Always Behind the shoulder .
And Never try a neck shot.
Bears have a very tuff shoulder blade and I have seen some big caliber guns bust them up and not penetrait there chest cavity.And a bear with a busted shoulder can run and live a long time.
That big female we got 2 years ago had a broadhead buried right in her shoulder. Lokked like probably 2 weeks old. Didnt seem to bother her a bit. she ran hard for 4 or 5 miles before finally treeing. Then she went way up and out on a limb.I always tell hunters just behind the shoulder.I also tell them once they have shot and hit the bear to put another round right in the chamber. If the bear hangs up or starts climbing down I tell them to just keep putting the lead to him.I figure once the bear is hit anything else you can put into him is a plus.

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