Birthday Buck...


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Nov 21, 2001
I looked out the side door this evening at 4:45 and saw a doe crossing the field and trailing up behind her was a buck. I got the 300WSM stepped out on the steps whistled and yelled but he wouldn't stop, so I got on him and fired. Well that was a clean miss, but it made him stop for the 2nd shot.....a clean miss[I thought] the doe took off running back the way they came and the buck ran in a circle and started to trail her again. Once again he stopped, I fired and he stumbled for about 60 yards a piled up

These shots were off handed and was 230 yards. The trees in the middle on the knoll are 254 yards from my door and they were just a few yards this side of them.

So here is my present this year...a little 8 point...