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Big Bull Pics


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Jan 2, 2002
Here is a picture of a couple of bulls that were killed in Sask last week. Pretty nice headgear.

hahhaaaaaaaahahaha. I haven't seen 280 post in a loooong time, and when I do it is simply "game farm." I coulda guessed that would be it. Not being critical, it just gave me a laugh.

Yea, it was a game farm. Just thought that you guys might like to see the picture.
Sask. is full of game farms, very few free roaming elk and a typical look of game farm elk is the crowning of the top points on the main beam, and two guys on a hunt rarely kill two free roaming bulls that size
280, just for the record that was my first thought as well. I just can't get that excited about game farm elk. I find them just slightly more interesting that looking at some ranchers cows. That's just me, to each their own.
Its a real shame that a big bull has become and easily purchased commodity. Note I didn't say affordable, but easy to find and buy. They are darn hard to come by on the middle fork in idaho though they are there, but easy to find for sale on the net.
ARCAT, if you check out ebay they are actually affordable to most folks. I saw one go for $500.00 a week or two ago. Darn shame. Doesn't matter to me if they are $500.00 or $50,000.00 I have better places to spend my money. In a lot of ways it sure reminds me of prositution.
I have heard that you can go to some of these places websites, and pick out the bull you want to kill, with prices listed and everything. Compared to the way most of us hunt for elk, I'd rather not punch a tag than than shoot a farm animal. A big bull is such a majestic creature, a real symbol of the wilderness, it makes me sick to see these big guys reduced to domestic livestock, then sold as hunting trophies.
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