Best Years of My Life

Panda Bear

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Apr 23, 2019
I did not work hard and get through what I have to waste it in a flash. I'm a long term planner. I play the odds and have never gambled on the one outcome, fully.
Some things just take longer or not realistic anymore. Plan B.
Good for you Hank. My grandfather is the same way albeit somewhat different dreams from this thread. He hunted and trapped all his young and middle age life and somewhat surprised us when he told us a few years back that starting that year he would be gone during our dark/cold winter months each year. Every year approx the 1st of Dec, he flies South ;) He never goes back to the same place and so far I think the bungallos over the water in Tahitia was one of his favorite winter time jaunts. Fish, snorkel, swim or nothing. We ask him how he choose between Tahiti and Fiji and he said Tahiti is a French island 😉

Whatever your dreams are I wish all of you-- Hank, April, Alaskahunter, and all others here who are preparing to do ---whatever-- in their retirement years, the very best.


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Jan 8, 2015
I believe the next ten years will be the best 10 years of my life (65 to 75).
When I was young, money was a constraint.
When I was mid-age, time was a constraint.
Now that I'm retired, money, time, and fitness are not major constraints.

It is so nice to hunt and not see anyone because I restricted my hunting this year to weekdays
or remote hunts for 2 weeks away from the crowd and no need to rush back to work.

It is so nice that I have the time needed for twice weekly long endurance hikes and don't have
to start in the predawn darkness like I did when I was working.

My hunting mentor killed his last ram at age 70 and hunted to late 70s.
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I hope with a little luck 65-75 will be my best hunting years.
I need to know what range/peak that is? I did some high peaks in my younger days.
3/4 of the PCT, JMT 3 times. Made it to the top of Logan & Hood.


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Dec 11, 2009
Best wishes, sounds like you're hitting your stride. If the body starts to give up there's always PED's! :)


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Jul 11, 2021
Hey good on ya man ! I'm in the same boat. We built a remote cabin so when I got older I could still go hang in bush n go for a walk. And then come back to the cabin in relax on a lazy boy. With a heating pad. Worked hard played hard.
Broke my neck n shoulder so gotta make some time up taking our grandson out.
Have fun n stay safe