Baiting with Meat....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
On one of our sites we've had a butt load of hits, They would clean out the 55 barrel of bread every 2-3 days, So alot of bears were hitting it.

We went up last night after dumping some meat (HOG to be exact, big boar) and there was hardley any of the bread gone and only some crows on the Meat.

I did have a fresh pile of Crap next to my stand and ther was alot of tracks that were around but not much food gone...

WHAT gives ? Has anyone ever baited with meat? hogs ? Does this matter ?
I found last yr where someone took a pig out and did the same thing up Manns creek......(no baiting unit). Anyways theres lots of bears in there but nothing touched that pig, I checked it every week for about a month and half before it got so nasty to the point if you were downwind you needed a puke pail, not a bear touched it. Don't ask me why neither but thats my only experience with pigs being used as bait. You would think bear would eat anything.....
hog meat works great, hound hunters might be near and ran your bear gone.
Would it have anything to do with a "change" in the food? We were figuring that the bears will start showing up more after they know what it is????

Had some turkey vultures there, those are cool birds!
Gato.. that is interesting, Thanx for your View.

280.. that is interesting, Thanx for your View.

Elkturd, I think it's just us stinking

Oscar, last spring we used parts from a moose. entrails and stuff that was inedible and the bears never touched it. We hung the head from a tree limb and they had fun grabbing ahold of it with there teeth and swinging around though (funniest thing I ever seen). They went apeshit over the bacon grease though. I'll never use meat again.

2 years ago up out of Fairbanks, we dumped a Moose, and then two days later, went in and shot a blackie of the gut pile. Seems the same...

The Rhino lining in the back of my pickup is covered with hamburger grease from the local drive-in, and I have yet to have a single bear in the back of it.
Moosie, when i was baiting I used meat all the time. It smelled like hell and was ever hardly ever eaten. Seems all the produce and breads were what they liked. The meat was primarily as an attractant once it got good and ripe.
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