AZ Guys any info on 34b?


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Sep 5, 2002
I am taking a 15 year old kid up to do some javelina hunting in 34b during the HAM season. The kids dad doesn’t hunt but the kid is way into it, mostly because he grew up watching his older 1/2 brother and me hunt all the time... The kid drew a tag with his neighbor and now the guy wants him to pay $300 to take him along for the weekend hunt. The kid doesn’t have $300 and even if he did I hope he would not give it to this asshole that thinks he’s gonna make some cash off a 15 year old kid that just wants to hunt. I have known the kids older brother forever and we used to hunt together all the time but now he is turning into a pu$$ywhipped pansy and wont go on the hunt because its Valentines weekend. Actually he has not gone hunting once since he met his new girlfriend in August!!!!! I have talked to the wife and am leaving the morning after Valentines Day, and she thinks its cool that I am helping the kid out. Thank god I have a normal non-possessive wife! His brother really needs to pull his head out but what can I do. I just want the kid to stick with it and keep hunting, but it is hard for him because he has noone to take him. He has never killed a big game animal so I really want him to bag out. Anyway enough rambling. If anyone has any info on a good starting point for us in 34b I would really appreciate any info. I have never hunted down there and I am stretching myself thin enough by agreeing to take him down there for the hunt, I surely wont be able to make it down to take him scouting... Not asking for anyones honey hole but if ya got some info and don’t mind sharing it would be really helpful. I have info and experience on any type of critter in just about any unit north of Phoenix so maybe we could trade info... Thanks.

If you dont want to post on the net you can PM me or send an email to [email protected]

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That's a great thing you are doing!!!Way to go!!!
With all the Az boys on this board, you should be able to find some info. Good luck and as ELKCHSR said, it is a good thing you are doing.
I'm glad to hear the kid's got you to take him. His neighbor sounds like a real prick. I have a buddy that's done some hunting in southern AZ.... its a long shot, but I'll see if he knows anything about this unit.
This is the reply I got from a buddy of mine that has done quit a bit of hunting in S. AZ....

For Arizona, I would consider this an "urban" unit. Right out of Tucson.
Best bets are along Cienega Wash, or glassing up slopes on the west side of
the Whetstone Mountains in the prickly pear. Good luck!
Try the east side of the whestones. French joes canyon is a good start. You can then get in behind the cave area and into Cottonwood Canyon and
Ricketts Mine and McGrew Springs, Middle Canyon, and Guindani Canyon. You cant get into these areas buy vehicle anymore(locked up) so it would be a bit of a walk. There are javalina also in the dry canyon area and behind sands ranch. Glass from the high points early.
Few, We've never hunted Javelina down there, but we've seen them when hunting Coues Deer. Most of the ones we saw were along the gasline road north of the Whetstones and in the wash areas in the south west corner. I have been told that there are lots of pigs in the Mustang Mountains south of the road between Sierra Vista and ( the little town with all the vinyards whose name escapes me right now...) Anyway.. Good luck and the God's of hunting should bless you and your friend and put a pox on the $300 bandit...

Thanks for the info guys.

Dan I was thinking more along the lines of throwing the scrotum on his windshield in we can find his truck... Of course lips and asshole will work if he shoots a female.
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