Gastro Gnome - Eat Better Wherever



Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Which is Tomorrow....

Or at least it's gunna be. I might not even have my rifle out but I will my Camcorder and going with my dad and maybe a friend.

Good luck to everyone else, Cuz we're packing Chit out the Hills this weekend !!!!!
Good luck Moosie
and friends . hope all goes well and you end up with sore backs.
Id-Smile's Backs will be sore, going in a tough spot tomorrow... just hope it's worse then normal from packing an elk out :D

DraftStud, Your Initials are the Same as DeerSlayers... Hope you guys do well in CO too !!

Wylee... Bring your Tag up Sat night, We can put it on something for ya ;) Seriously thuogh, Get better. You know I rely on you this time of year ;)

T-Bone, He will... Unless it's big and then I'm pushing him out the way :D I'll have the "MOTHERLOAD" for ya tonight at the Lodge. I warned them I'm coming up so the choc. shakes are already being made...

OHHH BTW T-bone, Some of the Spots I put the X's on in the MAps I sent... There is now a wolf pack. Warren/Kotter spotted some last week. We may have to change hunting styles.. but I'll let you know after this weekend. You guys call me some evening next week. We'll show you the X's
the elk are still there right? elk don't care, i don't care about no stinking wolf pack......I'll call them in and like a true basco neuter them with my teeth....
T Bone,make sure you get some picture's ,your service's could make you some big money LOL

Good luck to everyone.
Pictures and Video Coming tonight....

Elk: 1, Moosies hunting party: 1, waterfalls 1....

Story an Explanation tonight :D :D

(Tbone, no worries bout the Wolves, More elk then trees in the hills ;) )
TBone asked how the hunt went. I only gave him a few hints but it was a long way from the whole story. I will let you (Moosie) tell that one.