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Area #79 today


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well today I went up to area #79 for a look see as I have never been in there. I went in by Pilgrim Creek and rode the horse in for a ways. It was all basicly flat where I went and broken timber and meadows. There were tracks everywhere and I could even smell the aroma that only an elk produces. I also saw two sets of bear tracks that were rather large, but never saw the bear nor did I see any elk. It looked like it could be a promissing place to fil my cow tag. I will check on this place again next weekend. If it still looks good it would make for an easy hunt in November. I would bring the horse and leave him tied at the trailer to use for packing. There are a few other places up there I want to get into also. One of the places I am considering in Nov. is only like 1 1/2 - 2 miles from the house.
Sounds like you're getting it figured out. Hope you guys do well in Nov.

Hell Elky... Why don't you try the high fenced ranch on the east side of the road heading out of town. I've personally seen thousands of cows in there.....

Good news, I guess, as I'm heading to Area 79 myself every weekend for the next month to try to fill one of those cow tags!!!!

Bill, I'll call ya!
Hahahahaha Jimmy. A week ago there were about a dozen elk out there and now there are a couple hundred out there.

Tyler, this place is 30 miles from the airport if you remember where that is or about 35 miles from the motel you were in last year. Nice little canyons at the end of the road that look like they could be promising also.
Tyler, also there was only two other hunters up there between yesterday and today. We need some weather to get them moving. My guess would be to go to the end of the road and go NE or east from there if you decide to give that area a try. If you wish to sit and wait like for whitetails, this area would have a lot of potential I think.
1-pointer, if this weather comes through, the flats might be a good spot to set up and wait for them. This would be the area that I first started the post with. You can sit on the hillside and look out in places 400-500 yards.

Today - 10/28/2002
Variable cloudiness with scattered snow showers through early afternoon...then widespread snow late. Highs in the mid 30s. Chance of snow 30 percent.
Widespread snow. Lows in the mid 20s. Chance of snow 90 percent. Snowfall of 2 to 4 inches.
Widespread snow. Continued cold with highs in the lower 30s. Chance of snow 90 percent. Total snowfall of 4 to 6 inches.
Just hope there is a couple hundred still there in a few weeks...That would be way to cool...Thanks Bill!!! :D
Suppose to have fog early on saturday, so the river bottom may be hard to see anything at all except the white of fog. If I can get out I think I will hit the Pilgrim Creek area again now that we got some cold and snow.

Skeeter, hear anything about Blacktail Butte yet this year?
Elkhunter, I just got back from South Dakota pheasant hunting so I didn't get to hunt untill Tuesday of this week. I have not heard of much moving thru Blacktail. Friday there was a herd of 400 to 500 that came to the refuge from the East,probably wilderness elk. There wasn't any hunters around, so the elk waltzed right in. Like yourself I thought the weather we got would get the Park elk moving. I hope they come soon because I will be waiting :eek: .

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Good luck Skeeter and keep us posted. I may hit Pilgrim or Pacific Creek on Saturday. I was going to hit the river bottoms, but if it is foggy, forget it.

How did you do on the birds?
Elkhunter, If you see some idiot sitting on an elk fending off other hunters tommorow morning you will know it's me because the guys that are going to drag or pack my elk out are packing one they got this afternoon out. So stop by and we can start a fire and roast some marshmellows and put some coffee on why I wait, I don't think the park would mind. Bird hunting was bad, on top of that my dog got cut and had to be stappled up and also got sprayed by a skunk. Good luck on Saturday.
The park won't mind and if Ranger Rick should happen to come by and give you a hard time, just offer him a hot cup of coffee. He will like that ;)

Too bad about your dog. Sorry to hear that. I hope he heals well