Sitka Gear Turkey Tool Belt

Anyone hunting with Greenhorn will need this!

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Any of you that find yourself hunting with Greenhorn over the next few years can thank me later for this link. Make sure you purchase several of these and give them to him BEFORE you go anywhere with him. Moosie you'll really owe me big time for hooking you up with this link.
Ha Ha!
I actually bought a fart machine this weekend, which is also sold on that site. (Remote controlled fart noise maker) We went out to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in Bozeman with Rude Dog and his wife for his wife's B-day. When they weren't looking, we slipped it into his Wife's gift bag and set it right next to them. When the waitress was taking our order, I hit the remote button and a fart sounded right between them. After a few glasses of wine, things got out of hand and everyone in the restaurant were either giggling or giving us dirty looks.
Now that is funny. I just wish you would of had a video camera. So now I'm wondering who got the blame on the first go-round Greenhorn or his wife?
OH hell, that was no biggie for Kurt, he probably just thought he was shitting his drawers. And we know it wouldn't surprise Mrs. Greeny either as she has a lot of experience with Greeny and his poops.
Hornseeker, you forget that Mrs. Greenhorn is a class act. The only time she lacked class was the day she said "I do", man has she ever had to pay for those two words.
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