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Antelope Hunting makes you a better elkhunter?????



......hmmmmm, intersting does it?

I would venture the answer to be "yes".

The long range shooting, which happens to occur just in time to be a warm up for elk season, allows you to gain the confidence in a "real-life" situation at taking big game at varying distances.
When you get your shot at an elk across a meadow at 300 yards, it can only help you made practically this same shot two weeks prior on your lope, building your confidence to squeeze off the lethal round.

The patience and g;assing required for sucessful antelope hunting can only help as I guess if you wanna be a better elk hunter, go buy your lope tags! :D
What ya think?
DS, in Wyoming antlope is a draw and they keep sending my money back. It also falls during the same time that deer season is so I do not buy any additional doe tags for goats. In theory you have a point though. :cool:

Next time I get drawn for pronhorn I will let you know if it helps me to get my elk. :D
Ive gotten drawn 2 time for lopes.. I have never been affraid to take a long shot alot longer than 300 yards but its only because I practise shooting... weather its targets ,p-dogs, coyotes, antelope or elk .. the only thing that will help you is alot and I mean alot of shooting... and it must be with you hunting gun not your 22 or something you dont take hunting... every gun is different... you want to build confidence take your elk gun or deer gun p-dog shooting... I use my .300 winmag alot for yotes and p-dogs..

Your missing a lot of fun not buying the two doe tags elky! You need to drive down here with me and Buzzy and we'll make a day of it!

We had a blast last year, and can easily be done in a day or so.

Delw.....I wish I had good prairie dog hunting, but I;'m still looking.
I think probably ANY other hunting you do makes you a better hunter. But I can see where having a few real life long distance shots under your belt just prior to hunting season could help youyr confidence on your elk hunt.
I think we have been here before. At the risk of inciting a riot, I will once again propose the practice time on the range in the ratio of 10 hours for each hour spent hunting, will give you the confidence you need to make shots at distances you didn't even think about a year ago.
A rifle is like any other tool. The more you use it, the better you understand it. When you find something that works, you practice until you perfect it, then you continue to excercise it to keep it sharp. It's no different than golf or billiards or baseball or hockey. If you don't do it for a long time, you forget how. Not mentally, buy you loose your muscle memory. AKA co-ordination. Timing.

You have to practice from the most stable positions you can get using a bipod or shooting sticks or a rifle sling or a apck frame. what ever is available to support the rifle. With practice, your muscles learn exactly what they are supposed to do and how and when they should do it. Lots of folks think that shooting accurately is luck, or the quality of the weapon, or the ammo, or any number of things. Repeatable accuracy over time is a matter of practice and excercise. Just like any other sport that requires coordination. Hunting goats may be fun, and it may help you get ready for Elk, but what do you do to get ready to take that 300 or 400 or 500 yard shot at the goat? Are you good enough to take that shot at the goat? :cool:
Very good advice Dan....and I'm operating with the general assumption we all put in the necessary time practicing to be the best hunters/marksman we can be. If that is not the case with some, then maybe I need to back up and make that a prelude,....but to me, it's a given that all true sportsman give the animals they hunt the best they can, and that can only be achieved by practice, practice, and more practice.

But on the goat hunting idea helping....
I tend to believe "Actual hunting situations" can give a hunter much more than "punching paper". Once the ground work is done by hours at the range, does that mean one is ready to do the same at live animals?....I would think not necessarily so.
I have witness TOO many times, someone "kill paper" all day long, then sh!t on themselves when the same shot is presented at live game.

The idea of the lope being, one's heart may not go as hay-wire shooting at a good lope, whih is relatively easy to do, as it would when he draws down on a big bull. All the paper punching in the world will not keep the heart rate in check.....because that bull will give you something you won't find at the range. And all the "real-life" hunting situations with similiar shots, in my mind, can only help a guy.......but that is just my opinion.
I think it takes both.
Getting to know how your rifle shoots and pratcing alot like you said Dan ,different field positions and lots of rounds.
But like DS was saying getting to get out in a real hunting situation cant be beat.
The times I have been able to go antelope hunting before I got my deer did help me.It helped me to calm down some knowing I had nailed my antelope. I got to get in more spotting more stalking before my deer hunt.
Antelpoe hunting is a kick,If you could buy over the counter tags ( buck or doe)we would do it every year.
Girl! and Steve need to load your butts up and drive to Larimie one weekend!
I know several units with great spots and thousands of lopes, very little pressure!

You can both take two at $50 each, making it four total for the two of you, costing only $200!

Four big game animals out-of-state for two hundred bucks! can't beat it, and it is a pretty much lock you would tag out in a day or so.

Let me know......I'll get the my boots on! ;)
Gassing for antalope, if ya do it right, ya don't even need a gun.

Field shooting, I tried some timed fire drills today with the help of a electronic shot timer, I think I improved my shooting more this morning that in the last six months combined, see my post in the rifle section. I like shooting from a bench, but a good cement bench is hard to pack into elk country !!! :rolleyes:
As far as speedgoat hunting, I thing any time you hunt a game animal, you improve your ability to hunt other game animals.
D.S> Said....

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>The patience and g;assing required <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Uhhh Gassing for Antelope ?!?!?!?!

AHHHHHH haha...... Good Typo D.S. :D :D
Well said Dan...on both "the Gassing" :eek: and the "anytime you hunt....."

Moosie, I can count on you to catch that! ;)
It's when you have set up all night shooting the BS with your compadres, drinking way too many cold ones, and that cajun food didn't set too well either, so the next day, between too many beers and the spicy foods, can just imagine the rest! :D

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