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Another Hog Picture............


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Jul 25, 2001
Tom,Tusker... this one was taken tuesday evening(1-1-02).The hogs we have on my fathers place in Goliad county,can be any color....brown, black,blonde,red,white,spotted..and any name it

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How did you get him? Have they been coming in to eat or what? Were you in a tripod or what? Tuesday night, you mean you shot him at night? The story would be interesting.
Muledeer - Texas is eaten up with hogs! No season, no limits, no restriction on methods of take either. I prefer hunting with dogs and killing hogs with a knife or spear....
Raveneaux, In Hawaii, they call that dog and dagger hunting. It's restricted to two types of people. The crazy and the Really crazy. It's quite a rush just to watch. I've never qualified for a hunt like that, but I think taking one with a bow will be a real exciting hunt. :cool:
I used to think that dog and dagger hunting for pretty crazy until I went with some guys who do it. Its pretty productive and safe. The trained dogs can find those hogs in the daytime and hold them still, pretty still, if there are enough dogs for the hog. Then these crazy guys go in and stab the hog to kill it. If you shoot it, it hurts the dogs ears and they let go. Then you're real crazy standing next to a wild wounded hog. If you stab it, the dogs keep holding onto the hog, much safer. If you don't use dogs, you're up during the night, and its hard to see those hogs unless you have good moonlight. Its still pretty crazy but it makes some sense, if you like that sort of thing.
Here's another view of the above picture.
Shot from a tree stand at 13 yards through both lungs with a 100 grain Thunderhead and 2219 xx75. It traveled about 40 yards before piling up.

:cool: AA
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