Another Flipping Bear From FLIPPER


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
That is a nice bear

This one also came from Nipigon Ontario and was a team effort.

Someone...uh...not pictured, shot it first in the butt :eek:

And yes he, the bear, was mad :D

The hide squared 8' 2" nose to tail after the job of skinning.

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Elkchaser, Anaconda MT, with the copper and the big smokestack and all that? Is that where you are? Man I was just there earlier this year. Got some pics on my website from your big Burg. Fun place to take a little trip.
Did you stop in Deerlodge and visit the Ford Museum and the Prison???? If not you missed a great stop....There is also a great little walk around outside museum in Butte.... :D
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Was it,,,
and I ask this in all ernest....
Was it ...

ELKCHSR.......keep guessing :rolleyes:

And here is a hint; it was just a bit heavier than that
8'2"? Is that after it was streched between two semis? :D

Looks like a big bear, but nose to tail.. 8'2" :D

What is the honest length nose to tail while on the rug? That will be about 1 foot longer than when it was unskinned, with the hide on the carcass.
non-believers.....this is getting like the fish forum

From the official site of "FLIPPERS Believe It or Don't"

Let me tell you after 2 of us at a time out of 4 of us taking turns dragging just the hide out, we put it in a full size pickup with an 8' bed and an 8' dog box in it, on top of the dog box nose against the back glass, it was just over the edge of the dog box. So that is why we measured it when we returned to camp. And the tape read 8' 2"

"Believe It or Don't ;)

But I guess after dragging it 2 miles through the Canadian bush and 173 blow downs, you think maybe "we" stretched it :D

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ok let's look at this scenario and someone explain the difference:
I think this elk looks like about 247 BC points to me :rolleyes:

So what is the old sayin bout "opinions are like.....................
Hey that shows how well of a judge of an animal you are. Opinions don't really matter much when you can just look the score up in the record book. That one gross scores 372 5/8, nets 362 5/8 P&Y.

Largest bear I have taken scores 19 15/16. Never weighed it so I don't know what it weighed. When I had it hanging by the nose in my garage it was 7'6" long and was that wide. But when it's on the rug know it's 6'4" long and 7' wide, so it squares 6'8". I think I've seen a couple bigger this Spring, but since I can't seem to kill one, we'll never know.

Here's that bear. Don't pull out your weiner next. :(

BTW.. I forgot to ask. Why did the hide alone take 2 of you to drag out?? You really are that big of pussies are you? My pals that kill AK Brown bears pack those hides out in a backpack at times. Did you guys forget to remove the carcass from the hide?
So in your nearsighted eyes you don't think it is at possible that my bear is any bigger than the skinny one you just posted, or that it is at all possible that my bear is 8" longer than yours, in the skinned state :rolleyes:

To answer your next question.........well seems to me only someone not very bright would be fool enough to carry a 200lb hide out.......uh........when they have 3 more able bodies to help share the load ;)
So your black bear's hide weighed 200lbs? :D I'm pissin myself here!


Bullshitmeter does that when it reaches saturation.
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