Almost again


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Took the two oldest out this morning. Took along 2 crossbows and a shotgun. ScreaminReel would go for deer and TurkeyEye for whatever he could take legally with a shotgun. ;) Dont know why we took a second crossbow. I decided not for me to be a shooter.
Well we ended up seeing 40 turkeys in a field as they was feeding. (If only NW Ohio had a fall season :( ) Well we set up in one area but nothing was happening. Went to an area that we know has squirrels. So as we was still hunting a little a deer spooked 15 yards away from us after we got on its nerves standing there. (Had no clue it was there :rolleyes: ) So since I knew how the trails went I sent SR back to the one that crosses in the middle because of the direction the deer went. TE and I did the end run thing to help push it hopefully to SR. Well after waiting 10 minutes for SR to get to the spot I wanted him to get to we moved along. When TE and I got to the other side and headed back toward the middle trail. We saw the deer as it came out of the middle trail waving bye bye with its flag.
Well we wondered where SR was :confused:
Finally found him set up at the other end of the middle trail, :rolleyes: He never saw the deer of course. But it sure was fun for awhile.
As we went home we ended up having 6 deer in the road in front of us. Another car seperated them and the big ones wanted real bad to get the others. One finally crossed the road 20 feet in front of car. The boys both yelled for me to hit the deer. I never moved.
They asked me on the way home why I just sat there.
"Too many witnesses" I answered. :D
Yea I really enjoyed it yesterday. The first year we hunted the state forest we rarely saw anything.(Didnt know what to look for and expect) But I am feeling good that so far this year all 3 boys have had a chance at taking a deer. This is helping them keep their enthusiasm for hunting up. I felt that this was going to be a make or break year for two of them. So this is working out well so far. ;)