All cows, rags and spikes


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well it was a hard 10 days in the hills. Opening day only saw onew nice bull, but no shot was offered. Had one screaming his nuts off and then broke through the timber when it got wind of another hunter and never had a chance to even see him. The rest of the elk I saw were all cows and spikes and one spindly 4 point. Had rain, snow and wind all week and have been fighting sick since last Saturday. So I came in yesterday to get a little rest and warmth and to let the horse get a few days rest. Also have plenty of wolf tracks where I was hunting. Pads are 3 1/2 in. wide in the snow. One group of hunters we know up there saw 14 wolves chasing a cow elk. Oh well. I will head back out in a day or two after some much needed rest.
I getting a little sick of hearing about how wolves are mauling elk. Tell me. What good is a wolf? As far as I'm concerned they're an over grown coyote that needs to be shot. If I have a chance to bag a wolf I'm going to take it down. Collar or not he's taking two in the chest and one to the head! I think everyone else should do the same.
Elkhunter,hope you start feeling better real soon.
How long does your hunt run?
At least you have been getting into them,is this a any bull tag ?
And I thought wolves were vegitarians.

Good luck next time around Elkhunter, Sounds like its just a matter of time before you connect with the right bull!
I know your hurting buddy......but keep your focus!...get some good rest and then get you ass back out there!'ll have the whole off season to heal up! ;) ....good luck!
Well at least you are seeing elk. The season is long, so get plenty of rest and then head back up. Good luck.
Thanks everyone. I am still coughing a lot, but feeling better. I will be heading back up there today. Hopefully the road in has dried a little so I can get in. It was pure hell coming out of there the other day.
Very good Bill. Get all of the wet and rain and snow out of there before Thanksgiving week.

Also, while you're not doing anything but running around the woods, tie up a couple of cow elk for us. We'll be tired when we get there..... ;) :D
Yep Bill!!!Hope your feeling better soon...Thanks for the tag and I'll see you at the end of next month with Dan.... :D
Right on...good to hear you're out there havin' fun...I'm the same way and seem to forget all of the 'fun' that I put myself through camping in the snow! I'm sure you'll be on the KING next time...

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