Alaska Fly in Caribou hunt?????


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Dec 25, 2000
On these trips like Rusts flying service offers, where they drop you off and pick you up several days later, what are the odds of taking a trophy bull????? Close to B&C.

Does a guide make all the difference, or is it fairly straight forward hunting????? Relativley simple, but still hard work??????
I can Tell you (If last year was an Indicater) that I didn't fair well in the 'Bou department. I know alot of people have done Well with them.

Drop me a Line, I have some Info for ya Dale. Call me tonight after 7 if thats OK. I'm up till Midnight so whenever is OK by mne :D

(208)571-1ELK is the #.
If you are experienced in camping in wild country and butchering, caping and packing your own big game animals, a do-it-yourself caribou hunt is a good option...

I don't know what your chances are of getting a B&C head are, but yoyr chances of getting a good trophy head are very good if you do your homework...They may be somewhat better if you go with a guide, but you'll pay twice as much that way..

I wouldn't go with Rust's or any of the air services out of Anchorage if I were going...The migrations have shifted further west in recent years and the animals are much more accessible to hunters flying out of Port Alwsorth, Illiamna or Dillingham...

The best way to go, IMHO is by supercub wheelplane..These little airplanes can land on a dime right on the tundra, while float planes like Beavers and Cessnas need a lake or a river big enough to land and take off from...With the supercub, the pilot can find a group of migrating animals and land you in thier path, much improving your chances of getting into them....

If you are serious about a hunt, send me an email and I'll pass along some more info to you...

A drop camp in Alaska is a real adventure, and truly can be the hunt of a lifetime...It can be hard work and it ain't for pussies, but in my opinion it's one of the most rewarding and satisfying ways to hunt...
Pygmy, Rumor has it (through my Vast Internet conections.. Buuuahahaha) that you Actually know WTF you're talking about :D

Care to drop me a # I could hit you up on some Info some time ?

Registered Aug 1st 2001, with only 6 posts... MAN, I need to get you more acive :D
Moosie... You gotta be CAREFUL about believing those rumors.... :D .....

Sure thing..I'll be glad to share whatever I know either by email, phone, PM or right on here....

Actually I would have been posting more all along but right after I registered I was captured by the dreaded, notorious FUZZYBUMPER tribe, that race of oversexed lesbian Amazons that kidnap poor hunters and force them to perfom stud service so that they can propegate thier species...

I finally got too old and ricketty, so they turned me loose , dammit...

I have spoken with both Moosie and Pygmy about caribou hunting in Alaska, and take it from me, you won't go wrong with Pygmy, if you are looking for shooting Bulls.

Now, if you are hunting Cow caribou, then Moosie is the guy for you....

So far the advice Pygmy put in there was spot on, and I can add nothing.
So.. Enuf about AK, Send my the Signup sheet for the Midget Humping !!!! It would be like a Fantasy of mine
... HEhe

Trust me, I take EVERYTHING with a Grain of salt, Hell, I hardly believe what I type most of the times. To many Schmuckers on the net. Saying that, I can Also Say I've probably met over 75 guys/gals from the net (Hunting gals you Perv's) And 99% are good people for sure !!!

Anyways, whats been your Success with the do it yourself hunts. I know ... Errrr Heard that You've been up there at least once or Twice. Whats the Success and Cost breakdowns on the Differnt deals.

Hears why I'm asking.

Next year I'm heading back to AK... (Shhhh no one else should know though, 'K) and I'm doing an ALL INclusive deal from Boise-Boise. The hunt is $5,900. Just wondering what your Thought on that is ? It includes the Flight to NOADACK (Somewere out of Kosebou ?!?~?~)

(Moosie Whispers, Don't mind the Spelling I ain't looking those places up for ya

Anyways, It's the Flight Roundtrip from Boise and BAck, the travel ~ Jet Boat up the River to Camp, the Stay in town there in and out. Camp Setup, Food, and the Tags, Moose/bou/wolf.

It (Should be) a Pretty Remote Area with the Only other hunters being the Local Exkimos, Indians, or Native AKins (Whatever ya call them...

Anyways, Thats the Short of it... Tell me your Thoughts. Plus's and Minus.

Sounds like you're getting taken for a ride. $5900 all inclusive for moose, bou, and wolf? No way that could be real.

Plus-Its Alaska. Someday I'll go.

Plus- 2005 gives you enough time to scrape the $ together.

Plus- Vicki wants another moose on the wall above the bed.

Plus- Wouldn't it be great to bust a big wolf?!

Minus- Moosie will likely use target ammo again.....190 grn bthp.

Plus- this guy was 100% on moose last year.

Plus- Chum salmon are running in Sept.

Minus- Moosie's feet stink bad. I'm tenting with him.
Plus-Its Alaska. Someday I'll go.
I'm guesing you didn't send in the Check without Jen knowing..... Thats only something I'd do

Will be Fun to Have you in Camp T-Bone....... Warren was just over sporting his AK wood !!! He's talking the Same talk about the ol' 70"er .. You guys have fun, It will make me taking the First little 58"er easy while you're holding out the first day ...

Remember, It's 18 months Away, Quit getting so Dam Excited... OHHH and remember that famous "PAN PIC" you took several years ago... Just think what We can Do in in AK

You know, When I draw on Sheep this year (And I will... :rolleyes: ) You're going to have to take a Week off to go hunting with me, So don't blow all your Vacation time

EDIT (OK, Now we need to let Dale get back to his Bou topic.. We kind of Side tracked from it.... (I think ?)...)
Moosie, it sounds like Paul had you hook, line, and sinker when he said it was only $5900 smackeroos to hunt in Alaska for moose, caribou, and wolf. According to him, everyone that goes gets big animals or at least has good chances (maybe not wolf) with a few going B&C.
NO... Not Everyone Gets Big Critters.. He had a Guy last year get a Little 58" moose like mine :( ...

Hunting is never a Guarentee, we could go 0 for 4, who knows. But I'm going to take that chance !!
Nice bull, Moosie...

As for your caribou, well... I never ate a cow I didn't LIKE... :D .....

I'll get back on this thread in a day or so.I'd love to talk more but I'm out the door in a minute for a day of steelhead fishing...
I appreciate the info. We are atleast a year away on the Caribou hunt, so I am trying not to get to excited about it. That's very useful info regarding where to fly out of and what type of plane to ask for.

I when we get serious about going, I will have to ask again.

How safe is a trip like that?????? What are your odds of dieing or getting chewed up by a bear??????
I don't like that Moose Actually.. Sure it's BIG and ALL, but I like Moose with Character. Also, LOOK at My moose, it's Twice that size in these pictures ;)



Unfortunately I can't say Much for my Trophy Cow 'bou ...

Dale T.... If you have good equipment and use some common sense you can minimize the dangers of a wilderness trip...

However, there are some inherent risks invloved...If you are the type of person who tends to be afraid of things, an Alaska hunt may not be your cup of tea..

Probably the most dangerous part is riding around in a light airplane... Being a bush pilot is one of the most dangerous ways to make a living, and now and then when one of those boys goes down he has some customers with him..

The weather can kill you in Alaska...That's where being prepared with proper clothing and equipment makes a difference..

Bears are not as big a danger as some folks think.. ALL of the grizzlies that I have seen up there that were aware of my presence got the hell out of there pronto...However, they are present and you must take them into consideration and use some common sense...Keep a clean camp and don't cook or store food in the tent...Be careful when approaching kill sites...A bear may have moved onto it overnight and may decide to defend it..etc. etc... It's also a good idea hunt in pairs( bears can count) and just in case, carry a rifle with a big hole in the end..

Actually, since you are from Texas, you won't have to worry about bears...A few years ago a grizzly had the bad judgement to bite a Texan...

The poor critter laid around for a week licking his ASS just trying to get the taste out of his mouth... :D .....

Always remember where you are...When you whip out your knife, all excited after killing your first moose or caribou and begin to butcher it, step back and think for a minute...A cut that would be fairly minor back home with an emergency room within a few minutes drive might be a much more serious injury when help may be several DAYS away...That kind of thing..
What are your odds of dieing or getting chewed up by a bear??????
100% if it happens :D :D

We had bears walk right through camp. No worries after the First couple or two. I would be more worried about getting stuck in the Swamp's in'bou country. That chit is the scary part !!!!

Pygmy, Got yer Email. I'll drop you a line soon. (Soon as in the Next couple of days or weeks, not Soon like in 1 hour or so ;) )

Couldn't get the taste out !! A CLASSIC !!!
Dale, Who are you flying with? Rust's?

As for bears, dont worry about it. I have never had a problem and had alot of bears in camp. most are real civilized and wont bother you if your smart.

Bou are pretty straight up. either they are there or there not. If your flying with someone out of anchorage, well, I hate to burst your bubble but you have a harder chance at a trophy class critter. They just dont have the fuel to fly to the herd, fly around to find a good spot and drop you off. you will be dropped off in other peoples camps as they are being picked up. Although I hear trophy cow has been good last year ;)

Any other questions ask away.
LBG.. I think I have something in My Pocket for ya..... :D

"Although I hear trophy cow has been good last year"

I CAN tell you this, If you're going to go it takes ALOT of planning. Weight being the Biggest Isssue. I made, And still have a Detailed list of teh $ amount of every item I brought with the Weight broke down to the oz. The list is Crazy. It took talking to 10+ people that had gone on a trip, and 2 with awsome lists put together. LBG helped out by picking up our food in AK and Shuttling us and is about the Best person a Guy could hook up with for sure. My first trip to AK was a GOOD one but with alot of Planning.

I went with High adventure air, and Althugh I didn't get a Bou others did and we were in the Wrong spot. Thats the Luck of it (or bad luck of it I guess). They did treat me first class and For the price I wouldn't hesitate tot use them again. They work Closely with other flight services and (LBG remind me of the name of the outfit across the way from them..) and some bou were shot. I talked to alot of people that got skuned and Althoguh Bou get shown as in there by the Thousands or Hundred of thousands, It wasn't so Were I was at. From the Plane we saw some bulls as we flew in but the #'s weren't there at that time.... I'm guessing NO flight out of there had any/much luck.

Not that I know much about them but Rusts I heard several BAD Publicity about. Be it true or not I'm not sure, But just an FYI from a Hear say standpoint.
I have a pretty good idea what it will be like, because I worked one summer at Red Dog mine East of Kotzebue and one summer in Prudhoe Bay.

Arco had a zero tollerance on working around bears. When one was in the area, they made us all get on the bus until it left the area. They kind of instilled us with fear about being around bears.

My biggest fear is a bear tearing up your camp, then having to survive several days without any protection from the elements. I guess you could take two tents and keep them seperate, but your hunt would be over and you would just be hanging on.

I have seen probably 20,000+ caribou in that one summer in Prudhoe, because its a preserve and we rode the bus quite a few miles throught the herd too and from work each day. The thing that conserns me is the caribou were in little bands and there could be a miles between the little bands. You just can't cover near as much distance on the tundra we were working on as you can on solid ground. If it's frozen you can, but then the weather is more dangerous. If it's thawed out, every step is up to your knees. This stuff would wear you out in a mile of walking. So basically, you are stuck in one place, waiting for your caribou to walk within gun range.

It seams like you are totally at the mercy of pure luck. Is that the case, or is the ground more stable so you can cover more miles. Do you go early and fight the mud or go later and risk the weather???????

Thanks, Dale