Alaska early years


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Jan 28, 2019
North Carolina
Another photo of John. Shoots a 308, open sites

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Friend Phil, was camping across a draw from my solo camp. I'm making lunch as he walks up and says "can I barrow your rifle". Takes aim with the 30-06 and drops this caribou about 120 yards from my camp. He tells me "keep an eye on the gut pile, I got a bear tag"

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Another bou

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meat hanging

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Man with that red bandana and the hat I can’t help but wonder if Jim Shockey is just trying to be like you. Nice pics! Love the old ones before stuff got complicated.

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Sep 3, 2012
El Centro, CA
I graduated from high school in 1977. During my senior year it was a "veterinarian or Alaska". I choose a DVM career. You see my cousin was on Prince of Wales during the logging boom. He was a cook at a camp in Coffman Cove and he would tell the greatest stories. I love my DVM career, however, I often ask my self "what if". I have had the chance to Visit Coffman Cove twice and it is absolutely beautiful.

good luck to all
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Sometimes I ask myself "what if" too. I was sixteen in 1979 and I flew from CA to Anchorage looking for work and not finding any I hitch-hiked home. The following year I hitch-hiked up there in April and Canada got hit with a late winter that started as soon as I began traveling through, snowed the entire way. I found work with a taxidermist in Anchorage and wanted to live there. I was willing to start at the bottom but when I found out how much the other employees were making I realized I couldn't survive there on those wages so I went back to CA.
Wish I had pics of my early travels but I never carried a camera back then.