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Dec 23, 2000
Went up to the range to shoot some Nosler Accubonds today, with mixed results,

Accuracy was very good, with some groups as small as 1.3 inches at 200 yds (.65 MOA)
All groups with the Accubonds were very good, no load went over 1 MOA

Velocity was a different story, the Accubonds seemed to be slower that the other loads I was playing with, (Hornadys & Nosler Partitions )
All bullets were 225 gr , .338s out of my Ruger ( see camo stock pics in thr Rifle section )
With the same loads, the boat tail Accubonds averaged about 100 fps slower, and I can't figure out why. The Accubond is a longer bullet, and I had to seat it deeper, which should have caused higher pressures & higher velocitys. The hottest load I tried, 72.3 IMR 4350 was poaking along at 2765 fps, while the partitions were hitting high 2800s and even one in the low 2900s
The Partitions were accurate enough, shooting right at .9 MOA.

Why would the Accubonds be so much slower ?

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Dan, Look at the Standard Deviation for the rounds. THat's a lot more important than any single shot velocity.. I'd rather have a load that shoots ten shots at 2750 with a standard deviation of 9 fps than a load that shoots up to 2900 with a standard deviation of 50 fps.. If the SD was about the same for all of the bullets, then go with the faster load.

DanR, what is the reason to look for low SD,
is it because that is an indacator of accuracy potintal ?
The lower SD indicates uniformity in pressure, velocity, and the point at which the bullet exits the barrel.. That all leans toward an accurate load.

hi Danr,

How about this:

Sako 75 rifle
338 win mag
206gr EXP Groove Bullet
CCI-BR Primer
80.5gr of Vit
Average velocity of 3034 FPS with a SD of 6
3 shot group at 100 yards = .650"

This was only the second load tried.

SD is an indicator of precision,it is MOA expressed mathematically.

Accuracy is hitting what you're aiming at,Precision is doing it over and over and over.Sometimes your accuracy can be off but your precision is great,like a 0.4 3 shot group at 100 yards that is 3 inches low and 3 inches right.
So Anaconda, what's your final opinion on the Accubonds,yay or nay ?
Very accurate, if I was shooting targets they would be the ticket. I'm leaning towards the Partition for putting holes in elk. The partitions shot very good also, and averged much faster with simeler SD.
I have shot several animals with partitions, and I will never use anything else,unless I start getting too much damage or something. Every deer shot with partitions at deer camp last year bled out on the spot,spraying blood everywhere and obviously dying of shock,quickly and humanely.In my mind,using partitions makes for a merciful kill,they are just devastatingly quick.

The year before all the hunters [except me,but I didn't get a deer] were using ballistic tips,and every deer of 5,except 1,had to be shot five times before it would go down.It was not poor shooting,it was heavy brush and I'm thinking probably a bad lot of ballistic tips,since the same guy loaded for everybody.Anyhow,I gave the guy a box of 180 grain partitions [most of us shoot 308's]and he will never go back.He loaded for everybody and all kills were one shot.

From what I've read about accubonds and fail safe bullets,they are supposed to be the new wave in Nosler bullets. I have 2 boxes of 180 grain factory fail safes for my 300WSM I haven't had a chance to fire yet.When I do,I'll give you a rundown,minus chronograph data.
I like Ballistic tips on deer, I've killed a boat load of em with BTs and the only problem I've ever had was to much meat damage. My deer guns are a .270 shooting 150 ballistic tips at about 2950 fps, and a 7mm-08 shooting 140 Ballistic tips with a modest load. The .270 really knocks the crap out of em, exit holes as big as your fist, and most deer being knocked down on the spot.
Elk are much bigger and I thing I'll stick to Partitions, last two years I shot em with Hornady 225 gr out of the above mentioned .338 and a few of the shots didn't pass through. I want an exit hole.
I gave my stepson my 270 stainless stalker years ago,and I gave him my BT reloads with it,since it was zeroed with them.He swears by them and won't use anything else,so about every three years I have to load a bunch up for him.
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