A Nuts tale


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Mar 25, 2001
Northwestern PA
or should that be TAIL? :D :D :D

Sorry Nut, I couldn't resist

I will let Nut tell all of you the story.

Well I wont have a pic for a few days,sorry.

I had a fantastic time with Don and Dave. They were fantastic and helpful and I learned a heck of alot.
The buck I killed was pushed out of the woods to the east of me by some people. They were making a lot of noise and I was watching them when the buck poped up and ran away from them. It then got on a service path and was moving away from at a trot. The people in the woods had no chance at a clear shot but having a line of sight 17 ft in the air I did. :D I put the croisshairs on deers neck as it was going away and squeezed the trigger ;) . The deer stopped in its tracks and went down. The look on the drivers was priceless :eek: . So in order to make sure they did not claim the deer I climbed down from the stand and went to the deer.It was dead. I had a little buck. Deer dead ..venison...and so forth. Dave came over and helped . He didnt like my knife.Had too many gadgets I guess.
too be continued.....
I really would like to express my appreciation to Shaky for the chance to hunt in Pa. Shaky was helpful and instructive in showing me stuff I needed to know. He helped me become a better hunter/shooter. That is what I really gained from the hunt.