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A few things I miss about the south.....





That's what I'm talking about! I think I may have seen one or two of those before.

Don't feel too bad, DS. Muleys are much more fun to hunt. And heck, you've probably got whiteys in your backyard.

DS, I remember the ol H.I.S. days when YOU were pulling up stakes and Heading "OUT WEST" to be with your Outfitter buddy

You'll like it back home man, Kudos on the Decision !!!
Thumper.....when you take your Moosie on that combo hunt, be sure to use the credit card machine he installed!
........and the only dread I have about joining a club, is new memebers always get the screws......all the decent spots are taken and only shitty areas available to new members generally. It would e much better to find 100-500 acres of private land to lease for yourself......it usually runs about the same price as the top clubs, and you can have a buddy split it with you, and then create your own private management. That is how I have had the most success.

Oak.....I ain't feeling too bad
.......I'll be home in less than a month.....in time to try and get a line in a little buck for the fall.

Moosie....dem was da daze!
I have learned a lot in 3 years....how to find elk, where not to hunt, to go to extra trouble to get in places to hunt less presured elk, but probably the most important thing I learned is....just becuse a guy labels himself an outfitter doesn't necessarily mean he can hunt his way out of a wet paper bag

My sons want to go home, my family misses me, I miss the south,....it has been great and I will be back in a few years when they are out of school I'm sure......but it would be Wyoming or Montanny next time. And I will still be out here 3 or 4 times a year to hunt. Yepper....I'm headin' home.....

.....the bottom left is my first buck at age 12.

The bottom right is a 200# buck tied to an ATV rack!
.....and a lesson in how alcohol sometimes impairs judgement!
Deerslayer I was one of the first to wish you good luck on coming out West and I wish you the best of luck with your return to the South. May the hunting god's smile on you.
Yes you were one of the very first Troy. I appreciate the well wishes and I am sure they will be much needed. Thanks....
Good luck DS!! My wife is putting the screws to me to make the same return trip, but I'm trying to hold off awhile. I have got the elk thing figured out yet.
Those are some great bucks! I don't care what it cost to get in with a real club under QDM, but by God, I am willing to pay!

I only have 5 white tails on my wall from 138 to 181 class. But hunting them buggers are a blast!
I do have to get a good mulie so I will keep on hunting the hills. The combo for this fall is Alberta Moose and mulie. I still have a wolf license, so I will use all three and try to get a white tail thrown in for trophy fee.
Great pictures.
D.S good luck moving back...
And kill some more of those monster swamp bucks. I wanna see more pics...
This guys basement looks like the Whitetail hall of fame.
Great photos DS, I'm sure you'll be adding to the heads once you back in the land of gumbo.
DS, BigSky wants to be the First to tell you Good Riddance

I figured this topic would be full of Cajan Nuddie bars and Prostitutes.... MY bad
That is a true statement and you are right! I would do better to start looking for my own lease.
I get a rag called "GON" Georgia Outdoor News. They normally run adds for a ton of QDM clubs of lease holders looking for members. Many of these Bible thumpers want non drinkers and only family /Christian folks to apply.

I will see what is up, my place is Mississippi is only 5 hours away, so at least I know where to hunt this year. I also have my buddy over in Alabama with some great bucks.

You can bet i will get the job settled, home adjusted and then start looking for spots to consider.

Like you, I will be headed back up every chance I get. I sotra learned a bit myself, (enough to get by) but I have a long ways to go to be the great elk / mulie slayer I want to be.

I am surprised at the amount of folks from the south who are unaware for the draw system as well as OTC or left over tags!
I hate to say, i will miss the trips to NZ, OZ and Africa from here. But the difference between a 17 hour flight and 26 is not that much!
I figure I have had my day in the sun for overseas hunting now, North America is my personal playground.
I hope i get the same welcome as you do from the little bit of folks I have left in La.
Yes, I will make sure I bring the credit card next time me and Moosie man hooks up!
Shit, we ought to start a plan for an Idaho hunt!
Actually, me and Moosie have been planning an Idaho hunt for a couple of years now.....but decided once again to push it to next year as we both have full schedules already this fall.

Thump....your place in Mississippi i 5 hours from you.....must be closer than that for me
....and JB was where? Alabamy?
...well that ain't too far at all! My old place I sold was a true Sportsman's paradise...should have never sod it. Somthin tells me I will find a little buck somewhere this year though,...even if it has to be off of crowded public lands, where the rule is shoot anything legal.

Thanks 1-pointer and Nut! And yeah Moosie, I'm sure Big Sky means exactly what he says, as per usual.

Dan, ol Bud.....that just means you now have to make room for spring turkey hunting in the south! And I think I may just leave that ol' basement full of dead shit behind.....one less U-haul, right?
Aperently I'm not good enough to go hunting with.. I can take a hint ya Yuppie hunter DS !!!
We'll have to figure something out. For the first time in my life I'm plamnning out my years and Starting to look into the Next year already. I guess that s a good thing.. EH
welcome home DS ! you can the boy outta the south but you cant never take the south outta the boy ! you know what im talkin about!! i wish ya the best of luck !

i believe the stress levels of the louisiana whitetail population just increased
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