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A call from MEATHEAD....


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Nov 21, 2001
I beeped him this morning to see if they were doing any good...[opening day of rifle season]...and in a couple of minutes he called me and said he just shot one :D
He shot a buck...[rifle is buck only] he just isn't as good as me

I believe it was about 170 times further than was mine :D

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That is great. I am happy for him.

Let us know how big.

Yes nobody is as good at getting close like you. :D
Well we had a pretty good day . About 8:10am I had a doe run across the clear-cut in front of me,being chased by a young 4Pointer and about 5 min. later I had apretty good deer step out about 170yds. It only had one antler, so i took it just to cull it out. ONE SHOT 140 GR. BALLISTIC TIP, FELL IN ITS TRACKS .7mm WSM.ENCORE RIFLE.Have to get Flipper to post pics.
OHH well thats his first deer in about 3 years so i'm really happy for him.One shot right behind the ear :D Humm i wonder if he cares that i told about the 3 year deal
You sure that you didn't just stick an antler on Flipper's doe? That tongue looks familiar. Congratulations!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Darren...he wishes that buck was the same size as that Kentucky doe :D
No Darren, Flipper can't shot'em in the head like that. Went back this morning took one of Young Robinhoods friends who has never killed a deer. He got to see a buck sat while i was takeing him to another stand. He also seen two more this morning but don't know what they were. well its time to go back. Talk to when we return tonight.
Congrats to ya Meathead!!!! 170yds in the head,that makes you a bad-ass muthafugger in my book. :D You are a deers worst nightmare when ya lay the lead in there like that.Congrats again and kudos for takin the young fellers with ya. ;)

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