870 youths monster whitetail


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Feb 27, 2002
this weekend we went to south carolina to find out that almost 50 deer had been taken at our club. chris picked a stand for saturday morning and not 10 minutes after getting in the stand a doe stepped out, he had to wait on light to shoot and when he did he missed clean. we sat for 2 more hours and just as we were getting down another doe walks out. bang!!! he misses again??????????? for the evening hunt i decided to go to a stand where not many deer had been seen because i didnt want him to miss again and ruin his self esteem. we arent in the stand 15 minutes and bang!!!! he shoots behind us into the brush, i couldnt see the deer but he said it went down and was a big doe, but it was gone already. we stayed on the stand until a dog came up and was licking at something on a tree where he had shot so we got down and found guts on a twig. i knew this could be a long night but it had already been 2 hours so i figured we were safe to look for any kind of sign, but none were to be found. we got a trailing dog in about another hour and all he would do was follow the path of the other dog. we decided to wait for light and seach on our own. at first light we head back to the stand and on the way a huge buck crosses just before we parked (note to self: have rifle ready whenever looking for wounded deer)we get back on the trail and still find no bloodtrail or anything else. i followed the trail to the end and then i was only guessing. i pushed through the briar looking for anythingand finally came to a spot where the briars opened up and i saw a speck of white near a small log. i told chris to wait so we could stay on that path and checked out the white speck and of course the log was the deer.
one with the hunttalk hat

and one still at the stand

its nothing like the nut camp but it was his first deer and i was pretty proud of him.for the record it weighed 47 pounds but the first is on the ground so the next will be easier.


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Apr 28, 2001
Congrats Chris :D Tim I know how you feel, when the youngsters get their first deer
Lady Nutcracker is still having a hard time finding buttons for the shirt I had on when Quick Draw shot her first one...And the next one feels twice as good :D


Thanks for the call..It made my day :D
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