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83 1/2 catalina goat.


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
That goat in the "sausage coming" thread rough scored 83 1/2, which makes him silver in Records of Exotics. If you see a $180 one like that at Thompson's ram ranch and like him, it would be a good choice to shoot. Bronze level is 75 and silver is 80 and gold is 86. SCI would require more measurements if it scored them, but I don't think it does, not in the 1980s book I have anyway. Trophy Game Records of the World would also require two more mass measurements but would approx. be 83.5+25 or 276 cm, which is B level in their latest record book. In archery a 278 made A level and in handgun a 284. My score is only approximate though, I didn't spend that much time to do it precisely.

The sausage will be ready next week, its dry sausage and a little fresh and pan. I'll bring some for people to taste and decide if they want to get some made out of their rams.