Ollin Magnetic Digiscoping System

.300 RUM 700 Long Range

My buddy selling this rifle already has a RUM of his own, and another buddy just built a .338 RUM and another a .300 RUM a few years back. If it works out, we need to start a club, or maybe a help group is more appropriate. 🤣 This would be my first, but I've always wanted one. There's no replacement for displacement
I have that model in 30-06. It’s an absolute tack driver. She’s heavy to hunt with but with good glass, it’s deadly.

I think mine comes in around 10.5#
With that few rounds I would buy it at 900.

For the Berger bullets my VLDs dropped everything I shot with it almost instantly. Even dropped a Waterbuk in S Africa with a Texas Heart Shot. Spine turned to mush. Then just when I was becoming a Berger fan I shot at a Wildebeest. Hit a tiny twig in front of him and it fragmented. I’m back to Barnes xxx.
Kills in the front and wounds behind. How does that shoulder feel?
RUM acquired. Turns out the scope is a Viper PST and not a Diamondback. Gave it a quick cleaning and grabbed a box of Norma 180s just to give it a quick test drive. Should be a shooter. Sorry about the terrible pic. Man do I love 700s. View attachment 307935
Well you can’t leave us hanging without showing us the gun!
Is that a 24” barrel? Seems short to me for some reason.

Sweet gun though. Love black rifle stocks.
It is a 26. I'm not sure but the forend may be a little longer...? Not sure on that. I think the B&C stocks were based on the M40 design IIRC
That’s a great elk thumper. It may not be in style, but I really enjoy shooting a heavier rifle like that. I know the RUM generates more recoil, but my .338 WM is a pretty heavy rifle and surprisingly comfortable to shoot.

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