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30.06 loads


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Dec 20, 2000
My dad just ordered his scope (Nikon Buckmaster) for his Marlin MR-7 in 30.06. So now it's my job to work up loads for this gun. :D I'm sure some of you have some pet loads for the '06 that you wouldn't mind sharing with me...right?? Thanks for any and all help.
I've used basically 2 for several 30'06's and they shot good in all of them.

55.5 grains imr4350, 180 grain nosler partition, 250 cci mag primer.

55 grains imr4831, 180 grain nosler partition, 250 cci mag primer.

It seems the '06 is not real fussy. I've tried several other loads and all seemed to work pretty good. No real bad results with anything I tried.
The rifle and load I used as back up for my .300 Weatherby was the .30-06 : 55 gr H-4350, a 180 gr Nosler Partition and a CCI 250 primer. I'll check at home for my 150 gr load, but I know it was with IMR-4350.
57.0 gr H-4350, 165 Grand Slam or Horn. btsp, Wlr primer, Rem case. Groups just over 1" with the Horn. and around 1.25" with the GS. This may not sound too impressive, but considering the rifle is a 760 pump Remington, I'm happy! :cool:
My 150 gr load is from an old Sierra book, and is now considered "over max," so if you want to use it, work up to it! It was 61 gr of IMR-4350, a CCI LR primer, Remington cases and a 150 gr flat base Sierra spitzer. It worked fine and grouped very well in my 90-year old Springfield 03 MK I barrel. I usually shoot 180's now, though. (If I want FAST, I shoot something other than a .30-06.)
1pointer, I have a few loads for the '06 also. I'm not a big fan of the bullets over 165 in the '06 so I'll give ya what I got for the 125gr and 150gr bullets. They are easier on the shoulder than the heavier weight bullets.

125gr nosler Ballistic tips, win cases, rem 9 1/2 primers, 60gr of ww 760 powder. This load gives me about 3190fps out of a 26" barrel. Another load that is faster and almost as accurate is 55gr of IMR 4064 (all other componets same) this one gives me just over 3300fps out of the same barrel.

150gr (nosler BT, Seirra game kings, or Hornady SST), 53.0gr of 4064, win cases, Rem 9 1/2 primers. This load gives me 3041fps out of the 26" barrel. Win 760 works well for me here too, but again, it isn't quite as fast.

I really like the 4064 loads for hunting as they really knock the mess out of a deer with the speed they have, but if I'm going to shoot at paper I'll take the ww760 loads along. Try the Hornady SST bullets, I think you'll like them.

All of these are at or very slighly over the lawyer proofed reloading manuals so if you decide to try them, please start out a couple of grains low and work your way up if you can. Good luck.
WD- I know that you and MLM had great success with the SST this year on caribou and was wondering if you thought a 180gr. SST would hold up on an elk? My reason for asking is that I want two loads for this rifle, one for my dad (180gr) and one for my wife and 'yotes(150gr) and would like to use the same bullet. Thanks for any help.

For those of you that listed a 180gr. load, can I substitute Fed 215 primers for the CCI 250's without any trouble? Thanks for sharing with me.
1pointer, consider the source on this (me), but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to take the SST elk hunting. From what I saw out of them, I was really impressed. Just make sure that they shoot well enough that you are confident in them.

I'm huge on shot placement anyway. I just won't shoot unless I KNOW I have THE shot that I want. No matter what the target is.;) WD
Yea , the shot he wants is having to step back so the muzzle is not touching the hide!
Hi 1 Pointer, yep like WD I would not be scared of using them on Elk. By the way they are coming out with a new batch of them this year, or so they told me. Going to be in the 6.5 and quarter bore! Hot dog, DanR will love that as much as I do!
Mike Murphy
WD and MLM- Would the loads above listed for the partition and IMR 4350 work? I will probably start at about 53gr. and work up from there.

I to like those close shots!!! You have to wait for them if you're as bad a shot as I am!!! :D Have yet to shoot any animals farther than 90yds. That was a 6pt. whitetail in KY using a borrowed '06 and 110gr. Barnes.
1 pointer, I used the SST's ahead of the same load that I used for NBT's and Gamekings. All 3 shot good groups. The SST's and Gamekings shot the best at 2-300yds. (Don't ask me why, we're still trying to figure that out).

So I'd go out on a limb and say that if a 180gr of a different brand bullet shot good using the 4350, the SST should shoot ok as well. You might have to play around with bullet seating depth a little but that's reloading.

I should tell you too that the SST has a crimping cannelure, we DID NOT crimp the loads we used. Good luck. WD
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