25-06 Nosler loads


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Dec 7, 2001
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I have a new lh A-Bolt in 25-06 and I have a good 117 Interlock load, but I am going to try 100 Bal. Tips and 120 Partitions also. Do any of you folks have loads and field results to share? Any opinions on the 25-06, good or bad, would be appreciated. The powders that I have on hand are IMR-4831,4320, and H-4350.

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My wife shoots a 25/06 Ruger #1 and the load I chose was 51 grains of IMR-4831 and 120 grain partitions or 120 grain nosler solid base (the old ones). It shoots about .75 inch groups at 100 yards, a bit better on some days.

I've been really impressed with the 25/06. My wife has killed 6 mule deer and 4 antelope with it, ranges varied from 30-175 yards. All one shot kills nothing traveled over about 100 yards, most much less. Wound channels/blood trails have been really good and have not recovered a bullet yet.

For an open country mule deer and antelope rig, it works just fine. Would probably be OK for elk if you shot the partitions and were careful with the bullet placement/shot angle. I wouldnt trust it on hard raking shots on elk, but would on antelope or mule deer. Thats my opinion.
I would probably be concerned about 100 gr Ballistic Tips at .25-06 velocities, but I don't have direct experience with them. My friend did shoot an antelope in the shoulder at about 100 yards with a Sierra 100-grainer, and the bullet did not even break the shoulder, blowing up and just making a nasty, messy wound. (I know a Sierra is not a Ballistic Tip...just my thoughts on 100 gr bullets in a high speed .25...I would rather use the heavier bullets or stick to premium-grade 100 grainers in a .25-06.)
I've taken about forty plus big game animals with the 25-06 Rem and 25-06 Ackley Improved. (same rifle, just rechambered it). You will be extremely unhappy with the 120g Nosler Partition, unless you shoot a Cape Buf. with it. I used it for a couple of years and never got it to expand well, even on very large Muleys. Both the 100g Nosler Partitions and the 100g Ballistic tips didn't work well either. The ballistic tips blew to pieces upon impact, just as bad as any of the sierra bullets do, maybe even worse. The 100g Nosler Partitions kill "well" but leave football sized exit holes, even on larger Muleys. It really screws up a cape. The Hornaday interlocks (all of them) didn't expand hardly at all, like the 120g Nosler Partition. Not even the 100g ones. The 115g Nosler Partition kills like lightening. Always! I shot an Ibex at 600yds (actually a little more) angling away. The bullet entered through the left hind quarter and exited the right front shoulder. Pretty good penetration, huh. A 2-2 1/2 inch exit hole too. Shot a huge bodied Muley at 50 yds, same results. Shot a pronghorn at 350 yds plus a little, same results. Etc...etc... Nothing works as good. My son took a large Quebec-Labrador Caribou Bull and a real nice 6X6 Bull Elk with the same loads. One shot kills on both. Because of what me and my sons and my father have killed with the 25-06s with the 115g Nosler Partitions, everyone I hunt with has bought 25-06s and shoot the 115g Nosler Partitions through them. Everyone gets the same results! DEADLY! Also, after loading over 20,000 rounds of 25-06 Rem. and 25-06 Ackley Improved ammo. That's not an exaggeration on the figures. I load the ammo for everyone in my family and several of my hunting partners. There's only one powder to use in the 25-06 Rem. or the 25-06 AI. Use IMR7828. It's given the best results in about ten or more such rifles. The highest velocity and the finest accuracy. You'll see what I mean, try it!
Gilamonster, you ever try the old nosler 120 grain solid bases? They seem to work real good as well. They leave nice 50 cent piece size exit holes. I found about 5 boxes of them and wont run out for a long time.

I'll have to try the 115 partition, doesnt seem like 5 grains would make much difference. But it sounds like it does.

May also try the 7828. Thanks for the info.
Well the difference is in the jacket of the bullet. The 120 Partition has a thicker jacket than the 115. I wouldn't mind using a bullet of 120 or even 125 if the jacket thickness was right. The 5 grains less shouldn't make much difference, but the thinner jacket on the 115 does. That's the way I see it.