2024 Garden!

Put in a new greenhouse has fall to get our spring starts a leg up. Next month is going to be busy for planting.

Mostly black chickpeas and various lettuces below
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Fennels and mustards
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Peas and cauliflowers
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Tomato starts and oddball herbs
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Favas, they have some sort of blight on them so hopefully the pods still produce.
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Potatoes and collard greens
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Purple box, kales and radishes
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Winter peas, celery and lettuces.
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Looks like a gardeners dream setup.
Got a yard of black cow today. The company is roughly 2 miles down the road. Started 3 varieties of zucchini, 2 cucumber varieties, 3 tomato varieties, bloody butcher corn this year, 2 winter squash delicata and burgess butter cup, 2 bush beans contender and dragons tongue, got potatoes in the ground,

Winter stuff some is winding down other stuff still cooking. Kale, onions, brussel sprouts, some lettuce, carrots, parsnips.
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I planted some lettuce in the shower door cold frame yesterday. Should be able to cut some by mid April unless we go into a deep freeze.
One of this years projects...shed with an area for starting garden plants, especially tomatoes. We typically don't harvest tomatoes until September. Right now 13 degrees.
Glad to see other folks share my gardening hobby! It complements hunting nicely.

We won't be planting here until late May (7,000 feet) but I am getting everything ready for starting seeds. I am also putting in 4 new fruit trees this year (Cherry and apples, late-blooming varieties to beat the late frosts). My favorite things to grow are watermelons and tomatoes. My biggest adversary here are the pocket gophers.

Does anyone here use soil-blocks for their starts? I just ordered a block-maker, as well as capillary matting. I'm trying to get away from all the plastic pots and plastic waste that comes with seed starting. It seems like soil blocks have become quite popular for home starts.
The tractor I've been waiting to arrive, arrived this Tuesday.

The first job is hauling six months worth of horse manure to a friend's place. He has a commercial vegetable garden. He is happy to have it, and I'm happy it's gone.

That is as close to gardening as I get.
Not really a garden but I planted a dozen chinese chestnut trees in a clearing at my cabin. The bottom area was full of Elm trees that were wiped out by the dutch elm disease. We keep it mowed so the bush honeysuckle doesn't take it over. I used galvanized cattle panels for the cages. Holy smokes, won't do that again. It took me all day just to make a dozen. There is so much spring in those panels it was really hard to turn them into cages.

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