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2002 Bucks

kiwi hunta

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Jul 17, 2002
New Zealand
Nice bucks Solo
you do any rifle huntin as well ?
Solo my friend.. Long time no see !!! Kudos on such fine animals.... Send off for a hat and next year get in the Contest !!!!!

I hear you on the time being busy this time of year :eek: :eek: Kepp us posted and Looking foward to the stories !!!!!!
Nice bucks, solocamo! Thanks for the pics! Got a story or two to go with them?


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Thanks for all the kudos. Really had a good season this year, much better than last year. The smaller buck was taken 11-3-02 in the late evening. The weather was cool, about 45 degrees and a light drizzle had pesisted for about two days. He was a long way too. About 5 yrds, course I was about 30 feet up a pine tree. Guys and gals if you don't have a Primos Can call get ONE! Combine it with a grunt call and be ready. I had made a couple of call series with both the can and grunt only minutes before he came out. He came out of a 7 year plantation pine thicket, straight to the tree, honest at one time he was about 3 feet from the tree. Had to let him get out a little before I could shoot. Double lunged and 50 yards and it was over with a nice blood trail. I got this buck along with two does while I was on vacation in late Oct/ early Nov. The biggest of the two was taken on 11-27-02, day before Thanksgiving. I took this buck on a National Wildlife Refuge near here. I know this is gonna sound like a crock, but it's true. I armchair scouted this place. I had only had enough time to get two hunts in previous in this area and hunted the same place both times. The morning on my way in to hunt I had stopped to check the wind on a place that I had looked at once, and let my other spot cool off some. A no go, wind was totally wrong. So I decided to go and check out this place. Never seen it cept from aerial photos. Waited on daylight to see to walk in. Getting in I found a good crossing at a ditch that dumped into a small river. Thought this looks good, why not. Thought I might hunt a little while and then do a little light scouting. Picked a tree and climbed up, again about 30 feet. This particular morning temp was about 35 or so and felt good. Thought I had the wind on this place and after about 20 or so minutes after I had got fixed as I call it. I decided to try the Can and grunt call trick again. The timber had been thinned some years back and was thicket that would tear your clothes off in places. After first series of calls, waited about 15 minutes and made another series. You would think as high as I was I was able to see a long distance, wrong. Alot of holly was present in the area and made seeing very far difficult at best. Only moments after the second series of calls the buck comes walking in fast and looking, at about 24 yrds. He was about to make it to a small opening for a shot and then it happened. You got it? Downwind, and he stopped, of course no shot. I had not seen the other trail crossing on the ditch. I thought, just my luck. I had made the decision to shoot if I got the chance. He stood like a statue forever it seemed. He started to move again and turned around to go back the direction he came from and stopped giving me a very small hole in the brush at his vitals. Of course at the shot, he tore out, and sounded like he hit a plywood house, and then silence. At the shot I had lost sight of my arrow when it went through the brush and until he hit the plywood house I didn't know if I had made a good shot or not. After getting my nerves back under control. I found the arrow with binos, and had good blood. He made it about 50 yrds before he ran into a tree and not a plywood house. Double lunged this one too. Hope you enjoyed it. Oh yeah, to answer a couple of questions, all of them were taken with bow,in SW Arkansas, all I hunt with cept for turkeys and ducks, then the scattergun is in order. May try my luck on turkey next spring with the bow though. Tony

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