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2001 archery doe picture (a little bloody)


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Jul 7, 2001
I just pulled my bow off the self for the first time in about 6-7 years and thought I would use it to kill my MT doe last year. I wasn't picky, and shot the first doe I saw opening day. She doesn't define a big bodied Montana whitey, but it was fun anyway.

Next year I hope to get a little more serious and see if I can find a nice buck. However, it looks like I will continue to fill my doe tag with a bow. My heart beats a little faster when you have to get up close (even if it is doe).

Sorry about the bloody picture. With no handles on the deer it was easier to through her over the shoulder. I was a little messy when I took the shirt off. :eek:

KOO KOO Katchoo buddy !!!!! NICE PIC !!

Looks like my bow. I have a PSE ..

THANX for the picture. I always like to see a happy hunter. Why don't ya duck hunt with your bow :eek: ;)
What do you mean Moosie? How dare you assume I don't kill my ducks with arrows ;)

If you saw me shoot a shotgun it would be obvious why I don't try waterfowl with arrows. Another give away is how many arrows are in my quiver in the above picture (not as bad as it sounds) haha.

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Great Pic man!!

I love to see those archery hunts. I guess I am gonna have to get more involved in the camera department. I don't usually take too many pics, but after seeing all these I am gonna start.

That sure does look like a fine doe though. The blood is just part of the ordeal, I would guess we all have been there a time or two. Looks like you were hunting in pretty warm weather at that time too.

Thanks for the pics and keep them comming.
Snite, you are right about the heat. I shot this doe 9/2 and the temps were high. even though she was not huge, I was sweating my butt off with her over my shoulder and having to hold my bow with the other hand.

You are right, you need to get a camera to document your hunts. I usually buy one for about $100 every other year or so. They take decent pictures and come with a remote clicker. Because of the price of the camera I can throw it in my pack and let it get beat up without too many worries.
Great pic, and to get it in one of the most time honored way's. This is the only way I prefer to hunt. I shot my elk this last season with a rifle. But not before looking for the whole archery season.....

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