1st Deer


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Oct 11, 2001
Meridian, Idaho
After six years of hunting for big game i finally gat a deer, even though it was a doe. I have always hunted with a rifle until this year when I decided to start bow hunting.
Sorry this story is a little late. I just registered this month. I actually shot my deer the 2nd of Sept.
My friend and I went out the night before and spotted two huge does right as it was starting to get dark. With it being my first time looking at a animal that I could shoot I was so nervous. we got to with in 23 yards of the biggest one. It looked alot more like 30 35 yards to me and my friend. we couldn't decide so I passed up the shot. I didn't want to take a chance at wounding the animal. we were staying at our cabin in McCall, so we got up the next morning and went waterskiing (rough hunting Huh?) anyway the wind started picking up about two so we decided to go hunting for the rest of the afternoon. we hadn't been hunting for more than five minutes when we ran into a doe that was bedded down. She spotted us, got up and started Walking away. we carefully parrelled her for about another ten minutes. then she completely stoppped and started eating. I snuck to with in twenty yards of her. She was face directly away with her head in a bush. I whistled so she would turn broadside, nothing happened, I did it again, nothing happened. Finally I yelled HEY! she turned looked at me. I could barely hold my bow steady I was shaking so bad. I let arrow fly. It hit her behind the shoulder. a little high of where I wanted it, but it was effective. she never ran, she kind of walked away from us then back at us and layed down ten yards from where I was standing. I have never been so excited.
I have some pics that I am trying to get put on disk
Congrats on a successful hunt!! You will remember that first one for the rest of your life. Congrats and keep it up!!
Smitty.......welcome aboard!......always good to have new blood on here.......jump right in.

A bow kill is something to be awful proud of.
It makes you really see the animals you hunt.

Let me say "Congrats"........and now your in the zone, the next one will follow quickly! ;)
Way to go, Smitty!
DS said it. A deer with a bow is something. Great way to learn about the animal. I learned more about mule deer in one year of bowhunting than I have in all my years of rifle hunting. Congratulations!

Aaaallllllright!! Way to go man - it sounds exciting for you. That's a great feeling! :D

My first was also a doe with a bow (last hour, last day of the season)...MMMMMmmmmm!!

The other guys are right, you will remember that deer for the rest of your life!

I don't know if you remember this, but I can really remember seeing the fletching of the arrow as it flew to the deer. It was like slow motion.

Cool feeling, huh?! :cool:

WTG.... Congrats !!!!!
Congrats and welcome Smitty. After 30 years, I can remember my first deer as if it was just last week. It is a memory that will last forever. Congrats to you again.
you are s right westman, that is exaclty wha happened it as only a 20 yard shot, but it seemed like it took forever to get to her. what a feeling, sorry keep talking about it I'll stop now
Smitty,that is great.
No need to stop talking about it thats what the board is for LOL
Cant wait for the pictures.
Nice talking to you in chat.
I hope this is just the start for you.