11th Hour Success


Dec 23, 2000
Well, I made it back from the deer hunt yesterday. Wasn't quite what I had expected. I only had a couple of days to hunt, so I couldn't be too picky.

Saturday morning Oak watches three small bucks for about 20 minutes, decided to let them live. Only saw 4 does the rest of the day. Hmm, beginning to rethink letting them live.

Sunday morning, nice 4x4 about 120 yards away. Bush in the way. Come on...take three more steps... Buck decides three more steps would not be a wise move, retreats the way he came. Oak is wondering if .300 Wby Mag would have penetrated bush AND buck. REALLY wondering after no deer seen the rest of the day.

Oak decides that with first class on Monday not until 3:00pm, he may be able to squeeze one more morning of hunting in before the 2.5 hour drive home. Have to leave by 12:00, though!!!!! Returns to the scene of the Saturday morning mercy. NO deer. Still no deer. Returning to truck, disgusted. First unfilled deer tag since I was 16. Nearing truck, peek over into next draw. DEER! BUCK! Oak decides that 3pt. passed up opening day is looking much bigger now. At 9:10am, one dead deer, 300 yards from the truck. Leave camp at 11:45, back home by 2:15, hang deer and in class by 3:00!

BTW, stupid camera seemed to think it was on vacation as well. No pics, but will try to take one of the antlers. Does anyone know how to make a 3x3 look really big in a picture????

Hey friend.....they can't all be trophys.............just wait til I post my dink button head I'm gonna kill this week,,,,,it will make yours look Greenhorhish! :eek:

You had a great time, that is the main thing buddy! ;)
Way to go Oak,sounds alot like my deer hunt this year.
But let me tell you guys something LOL if you are trying to out do me on the smallest animal take this year :D :D its going to have to be a real dink ,I think I have this contest wrapped up with my elk :eek: :eek:
Well, alot of us are going to have some good eating this winter and great memories to boot.
Glad you got one , Congrats !!!!
Great job CO, I know he isn't the monster buck but ya gave it he11 and that is all that matters especially if you are happy with him, one more week and I get to see what the state of Colorado has to offer me this year, talked to a game biologist for my area and he said alot of real big bucks running the hills(my buddy got a 30" buck last year) so if the snow is right I will have tons of picks and possible(if moossie ever sends it) a hunt talk hat to wear also ;) ;)
Haha LB! You know, that shirt has created more reaction than the buck has with everyone who has seen it! I got it at the local sporting goods store (you can see the name in small print). A friend of mine got a couple just like it in Gunnison, CO that had "Gunnison, CO" instead of the store name. So I suppose the stores are ordering them personalized from the same place. I think it's a great idea, probably wouldn't be tough to get a tee shirt shop to make one. Maybe Moosie should make some that have "Hunttalk.com" on them!

Attaboy!! Comes through in the clutch! How'd you get that horseshoe outa yer @ss? :eek: (I used a magnet) >>> last year I got a whitetail in the last hour of the last day of the season...

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