'01 years Spring HUNT (EXOTIC)


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Dec 9, 2000
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All this talk about NExt years hunt (See other topic :D) made me RE-LIVE Last years hunt..........

Check out my site...... Go to "PAST HUNTS" and CLICK on " '01 "

Lemme know what ya think.........
Here's a picture from the top of hill going to the blinds looking down at Thompsons' house. The hunter's cabins are below that but you can't see them in this picture. It shows the Texas hill country anyway.


It ain't mountains but it ain't flat either. Its about 2200 ft. elevation there.
ahhhhhh easy walking especially for us ID HO guys eh Moosie looks a little thick tho might have to bring a machette. Great pic nice looking country.
There's a couple of steep canyons you can't see in this picture, like just below the house and behind the photographer, in the direction away from the house. That is where Moosie took his last two rams, and even the Pan Man got a little winded climbing back up with his heads. The picture makes it look easier than parts of it are, believe me! ALthough I have to agree that the steep hills and canyons are not as looong as they are in the Bitterroots!
I checked out that hunt on your web site a couple of weeks ago. Looks like fun! Just curious how spooky those sheep are. How hard are they to find? How big is the ranch(I looked on the web site but didn't find the info)? BTW, I didn't see one of those four horn wingdingers on Thompson's web site. What exactly is that, anyway?

The ranch is a square mile. There's mostly blind hunting but some canyons to walk. If we had a big group we could have it to ourselves and hunt it how we want. Some rams are so spooky, you probably won't see one. If you see an aoudad, shoot it, then look at the horns later. Both males and females have horns and they have been there for years. Some rams would rather butt heads than run. Some will come eat the bait and stand around. You have to kind of decide what you want and hunt for that, usually the big one gets in the middle of a group, when they travel in groups. If you see a big something or other instead of what you want, maybe you should take it. The 4 horn, they're kind of space wars looking to me and I like them better as a skull mount but they're great however. Two horns up and around, two horns out and down, kind of like big errings. Moosie shot one and has it posted at the bragging section link below. One horn was broke from fighting but you get the idea of what they look like. The 4 horn is the upper right in the first picture at the bragging section, i.e. except the lower horn on its right is broke. He has a mouflon type horn mount in the upper right, the big white one is called a New Zealand mountain goat, there's a Hawiaan black, and a corsican on the lower right of the picture.

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