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    Political Threads are toast

    Ahhh, cookie dough blizzard, and sheep. Yup it's a Montana thing!
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    April Bear

    Wow! Great color, nice bear! Congrats!!
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    OYOA Turkey - first and last

    Can't be too bad. Ya got one! haha Good show!
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    2 nice Toms

    Beautiful turning! Have a couple lathes, haven't figured them out yet. And nice birds! Congrats!
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    anything left to do?

    Dont forget to shoot!
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    cartridge of choice.

    Which ever you're the most comfortable with. They all will do the job, with shot placement don't care which caliber, shot placement is the key along with practice and you being comfortable with it.
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    Happy Halloween

    Very cute! Brings back some memories for sure. Thanks!
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    Do Not Do This

    Hmmm if I ever get a lectric dishwasher, I'll have to remember that!!!
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    Need a little advice.

    Ok just ordered the Talley lightweight yay me! Thanks
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    Need a little advice.

    Ok thanks, think I'll try the Burris I have. The Zeiss would be nice but just not in budget right now. Now to find rings as Browning is out and doesn't know if they are getting standard height rings back in. Then on to load development. Going to be a busy fall! Again thanks for the advice. Joe
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    First Post

    Nice! Welcome!! Still wanna shoot a hog, and a turkey for that matter. Damn buddy keeps beating me to them. But its all ok, would rather go and get nuthin than stay home. Again welcome!
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    Need a little advice.

    Well it seems after leaving a blank check with a friend I became the proud owner of a Browning X bolt in 300 Win mag. Went to a good cause,Farmer in the Dell. My dilemma is I have a new Burris 3x9x40 fullfield ll scope I was going to put on it. Do you guys that's enough scope? I also know I'm...
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    Moosie is in jail ....

    ok mda. Theres more folks out there that need money worse than MDA. Jerry pulls millions in . Harley Davidson makes this thier donation of choise. Yes its a good organization, but there are soooo many more that need your money. How bout donating to a local charity? How about wounded warriors...
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    Moosie is in jail ....

    Hell, let him rot, wheres the money going to?
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    FEMA Camps(MT)

    I am A swore to hold my lips comprehendes a englise