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    Wilderness Area montage

    beautiful country, all of it!
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    License Fee increase bill

    $4,400 for a bison license uhfff... yeah that would definitely price me out of applying for a bison tag for the foreseeable future
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    What a game!

    wow... not a Pats fan either, but dang, what a game
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    PA Monster Bull

    wow, what a specimen he is! congrats on what was most definitely the biggest bull you will ever shoot! ;)
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    Wyoming bison

    Congrats! that is awesome!
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    Wow, Wyoming has a real winner on their hands!

    Ignorance is Bliss! Doesn't the BLM's Rule 2.0 do exactly the opposite of what she describes?
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    Olympic Peninsula Fishing in May

    I wish I could help you out, but i just moved here in may. still trying to figure stuff out myself. one thing I learned is that elk hunting here in November requires GOOD raingear! The research I have done so far, looks like a charter out of Westport is a good bet for Bottom fish and salmon...
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    New wall tent advice

    Bahahaha! now that is classy!
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    Wednesday's Word...

    thank you sir!
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    Buzz Hettick- Walking the Walk

    way to go Buzz! represent!
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    Why are non-resident hunters allowed tags in limited quota areas ?

    Non Residents pay the bills for the agencies via the MUCH higher tag prices
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    New wall tent advice

    Yeah you are probably right. Seeing them both in person, there are a few things I liked better about the Colorado tent by Denver... I liked the three way zipper door and screen, all the clasps and buckles are metal, the screens seem like better material, and the internal frame angles seemed...
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    New wall tent advice

    I will be watching this thread close. I too am looking to pull the trigger on a tent this year. I visited Both Davis and Denver Tent when I was in Denver last spring. Both looked great, with an edge going to Denver tent as far as features, but I just looked at their prices, and they have...
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    Best rifle for under $2000

    I have always liked the way the Weatherbys felt. If i had 2k or a little more to spend, I would give the Mark V a close look especially one of their range Certified versions with the cerakote like the Arroyo . The Sakos seem sweet too