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Zingers, Twinkies....


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
And Chocko-dilies SUCK !!!!!

I got another Truckload of Goodies from the Bread store. The bread Rips open Easy and so do the Boxed Donuts, .. But get to the Zingers and They take FOR EVER to open.... After about 2 hours I put all the crappy ones to the Side and I'll dump them. For the price, I can't mess with the little troublesome bait like that...

That being said, I'm havingh a blast with Little "O" in the Garage all the time, He enjoys helping his Dad Unwrap all the little packages.... I'[ve gotten a good 3 hours "WORK" out of him.... and to him it's Fun just like it is to me

Look out bears, Twinkies are heading to the Field !!!!!!
Yeah the individual crap sucks. I did that only when I had a little bit. That is what was nice about the sheet cakes, loaves of bread and blueberry syrup. It was easy.
We hauled 10 Gal's of greese up Sat. Then that evening another tuperware type container full of it... Talk about heavy.. I told myself I'd never Bait uphill again. I guess I lied to myself again too

We got a good start.. NOW I'm jsut chompin' at the bit to get up again.. TIL then I'll be stuck here with you Ya-hoo's

ELKY, did you ever have luck ? or were your bears Night feeders ? I can't remember ...
Man, that is a lot of grease and weight to haul.

One year they were night feeders and the next year nothing. The following year I had activity for about a week then it was run off by a wolverine.

Start out baiting with tons of good stuff, and gradually cut back. Eventually the night feeders will be taking a peek during the daylight hours to see if the good stuff is still there. At that, you put some lead to their head!
Spotted OWL.. I never hooked up to get the Secret Recipie from ya.... I just thought of that.. THERE I go with my memory again

How's it been bro ?

I got the hankering we're in an area that not to many people go.. I figure that alone should bring the Night time feeders in a bit early

I've been great! I lurk around the board, but haven't posted too much lately. I guess
I need to get back into the groove.

OK, now for the secret weapon. Go to your local Cash and Carry and pu a couple bottles
of Torani anisette. Its a licorice extract that will having them fighting over the bait pile
24/7. I used to soak strips of cotton and hang them in the trees directly above the bait. If you can't find any Torani anisette
syrup, let me know. My wifes side of the family lives in Caldwell, and her Dad is coming down soon. I'll send you a few bottles
to experiment with. A little bit goes a long
ways. Happy Hunting!
Hey Moosie a razor knife will speed up the opening process on those little ones.
As for bait we just nailed cans of cat food in the trees. The more fishy smelling the better. I only hunted bear one year in OR. but it worked for us.
Hopefully I got the Secret Recipie.. We'll see, have all kind of "SMELL UM's AT the site.... Even Anus .. Errr Anis Oil

Razor eh ? I think I'm jsut gonig to put ElkTurd to work Tomorrow
Actually he said he wouldn't mind to do it... We'll see when he's on box 75 of 10 in a box
WELL.... ELKTURD got 2 more racks of bread.... Him and his wife opened the lot.. He said the Razor idea worked good !!!!
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