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Your choice


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
#1. 2 tickets to either the NBA finals,World Series,Superbowl or major sporting event

#2. 2 tickets for a 7 day cruise

#3. 1 totally paid for hunt for the critter of your choice.

I choose #3 of course
I,d pick two. I have done hunting and fishing trips with my boys. I'd like to take the wife out for a change.don
I would have to pick #3. for #1 I can watch on, and not worrie about all the nitwits :mad: . For #2 They probably don't allow fishing from the deck of the ship, with leeches and worms and minnoes everywere. And also sombody would probably knock you tackle overboard :mad: and I would toss there but over to go get it be just a big mess. For #3 all I can say is I get to go kill somthing. :cool:
I would pick the cruise, and take my best frind....My wife.
I get to hunt the best things in life, and I don't do professional sports to well, even if it is paid...