You score Greenhorns bull


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Dec 23, 2000
Since Greeny is too busy hunting other stuff to tell us what that bull scores, I figure we should have a contest to gess the score.
If I win, I will tell myself congratulations, if anyone else wins, Moosie will buy them a brand new truck.

My gess...
356 1/2
339 5/ guess after further scrutiny :D

And I would be tickled *PINK* offense Nut
....if I were ever to shoot such an animal.

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The brow tines a a little on the short side, but the rack has excellent mass. Main beams are short and it's not too wide,, maybe 36 or 38 inches. I would say about 319 and change. A bull to be proud of for sure... Nice job Kurt..


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we measure different here by adding; span between royals {inside width} to the greatest spread and then shortest antler length doubled and then the shortest of each matching tine is doubled and all added together.
on your scoring system say 332.
I taped him at 336 gross. Danr his inside spread is a little over 44" The short 5th tine on his left and the short beams hurt his score. He's got a really neat set of antlers though.
Like I said Kurt, It's a great rack. It has lots of character. Congratulations.. I am envious..

Looks like Flipper wins by a hair. Just E-mail Moosie with your spec.s I.E. make, modle color.

That is a great looking rack.
To [email protected]

BTW....I believe there is a very LARGE Hummer dealership in you won't have to look to hard for it. :D

And please send before deer season opens here, Sept.28 and make sure and put the new window decals on it. ;)

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Anyone notice how Greenie keeps killing critters having bizarre horns?

Does lusting after weird racks indicate some sort of personality flaw?


I guess I'm not one to talk...

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