Wyoming Antelope Shoot.....



It only lasted a day and a half.....it was a projected 4 day hunt

I had my brother John and his friend Ray out on their first ever Antelope shoot. I had business in Colorado so I dropped them off in a favorite spot of mine at daybreak. They said they were just going to look over the herd to get a feel for judging until I returned in the afternoon, not wanting to jump the gun with 4 days of hunting to do.

I think they made it a few hundred yards before the shooting started!
John had his down before 8, and Ray's was soon to follow. "they looked like good ones" is what they said with shit eating grins on their faces. And they were good ones. For first time lopes, unguided...John pushing 13 and Ray's an inch or so better, I'd say then boys did alright for themselves.

Knowing this 4 day hunt would quickly come to a close with their buck tags filled, I wasted little time that afternoon finding a decent buck of my own. The last hour of light found me belly crawling to within gun range Of the best buck of the 20 or so we glassed. I hesitated a couple of times, and was urged by John to pass until the morrow, but Ray's constant wispers of "shoot him, DS....shoot him!" overrode the desire for holding out for anything close to the book. I dropped him as the day faded. We took pictures and congratulated each other on a fine day of antelope hunting. 3 men, 3 buck tags, three dead bucks, 3 big smiles, and at least 3 empty beers

My buck was 15 1/4 in length and was rough scored at around 73. The next day we made quick work of filling our 3 doe tags, which included shots Delw woul even be proud of. Ray's came with a handgun....John's on the run at 300-400 yards, and mine....well, I won't say except to say the video recorded the whole event..capturing the shot right down to hearing a couple second delay on the bullet impact(coolest thing I have ever videoed)but the lope were at such a great distance they do not show up on the canmera even though they were in plain sight. Unethical?...maybe....Fun?...DEFINITELY!

It was a long trip and a lot of effort for speedgoats.....but the memorys made for these gentlemen will endure many, many season to come!

Pix soon.....


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Congrats DS. sounds like you guys had a blast.

LOL <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>shots Delw would even be proud of.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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