Would you take this shot ????????


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Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA

We having fun yet//Tobey
I would but only if I had to. I'm not overly fond of frontal shots. Why? I have no idea.

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Can I wait for It to turn?!!?! I sure wouldn't take that shot like it is.... Plus I am At full draw and he will turn any second now..... RIGHT?!?!?

Well If I had the 300 win mag I might try to slip a Bullet in there.. BUT...... UUgggg Looks bad from here....

But I gues If I miss I can Call GatoMan Because He has Dogs and Can Help me track it with his hounds RIGHT GATO?!?!?!

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Nope, way too small. If you are just referring to the shot angle sure why not? It's not like you are long range sniping. I'd slip that 30 caliber bullet in just to the right of his head. Bang dead little bear. If you can't hit a target the size of a grapefruit at 20 yards or less with your rifle, find a new hobby.
This bear mite go 190# Live.This shot angle Is one of the shots I preach to my hunters not to take.There is about 2" maybe 3" between the shoulder blades.Plus you got about 4" of mussel and fat filling the gap. If you hit ether blade from this angle you will not get into the vitales.Wait for them to tern and save yourself some grief.

We having fun yet//Tobey
Of course i wouldn't take this shot... Now lets look at why:

1) I left my shells in the truck.
2) I'm sleeping anyhow, so how am I expected to wake up and shoot?
3) Even if I do wake up I'd be to busy crying in the fetal position to shoot anyhow.

However even if the above wasn't true I wouldn't shoot for a couple of reasons. they are:

1) I don't like frontal shots on any game and the last thing I want is a PO'd wounded bear around me regardless of size.

2) The bear doesn't seem to be posing any immediate threat to me and I'm sure it'll offer a better shot in the near future.

I've never hunted bear so I'm not sure what a decent sized bear is however that would also play into my decision.


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Tobey's advice is good, but if it was the ONLY shot I was offered I'd still take it and I'd kill the bear. However reality say's that the bear will likely offer a better shot. Like I said he's too small so he's safe from me. Now if he would gain another one to two hundred pounds I'd be sending him a hot lead pill as soon as he presented a better angle, or sooner if that's the only shot I have.
never with a bow and maybe with my gun, i would wait him out though! hes not big enough to rush the shot! and he will probably give you a better shot, if not it was a cool encounter :D :D :D