World Record Roosevelt shot in Oregon


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Dec 17, 2000
Selah, Washington
Just seen the pic and story of the new world record roosevelt elk shot in oregon. It was killed in the Willamette Unit, It officially scored 404 6/8 and needs to go before the B&C panel. His first elk ever. Its a hog. It was in the Washington fishing and hunting news. Anybody else heard anything about this.
There's also supposed to be a new record archery non-typical bull from Alberta that green scored 422. No pictures yet, but the story is on the ESPN outdoors site.
The article i read said it was a Agland hant so im thinking it was some kind of Dep. hunt also, he shot it August 11th with a rifle. you dont see to many rifle hunts in august. He only had a small parcel to hunt and saw these bulls coming into a orchard on his parcel so he dug a ground blind and saw the four bulls at shooting light, he said he had his scope on a smaller one and was gonna pull the trigger when this one stepped out of know where right in front of the small one he was going to shoot, hit it in the spine at 450 yards with a 140grain Barnes X bullett. doesnt say the caliber, im guessing 270, 280, 7mag or stw with the size of bullett he used.
If this is the same bull I'm thinking about this one is also in the newest issue of Eastman's. That bull is fugging huge if it's the same one!! Mass up the arse!! :D :D
That is a nice find..I like the one that that guy found in the bottem of that pond also, they think it has been laying in the mud for some 150 years.... :D
anyone know which Unit David Meyer got that antelope from?

Those are cool, I agree with Russ about the elk antlers being found that have been estimated to be 150 years old, that's really cool!! :cool: :D
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