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Wolf & Grizzly tags


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Dec 23, 2000
I'm looking foward to the day when they have a drawing for wolf tags & grizzly bear tags in the lower 48.

So if it was next year in Montana or Wyoming, how much would be willing to pay, or send in for a drawing, money re-fundable if you don't draw /

I'm thinking $250 or so for a wolf, and $1000 for the big brown bear.
If I thought there was a decent chance of filling the tag, I'd send in for the wolf at least !
How about you ?

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I live in Montana and it would probably, I'm guessing be the same as moose, sheep, and goat. $75. plus $2. for prefrence points...
Anaconda: This is a subject which I get pretty vocal about. For the grizzlies, I would not hesitate to pay a $500.00 trophy fee. As for the wolves, I think that I should be paid $250.00/each for every one of the SOB's I can kill!!! JMHO - memtb ;)
What ever they come up with. I suppose especially for the first bunch of years, the tags will get filled very quickly... :D
Really now... when elk success is as low as it is in this state with as many damn elk as we have... do you think wolf and griz tags will be filled "quickly." A blind person should be able to kill an elk, but the success is 20% in good areas.

I mean.. sure, there's places where a guy could hunt wolf and griz with resonably good chance of success... but it will be a damn bit tougher to fill than an elk tag. The folks with the permits (if they ever happen) will certainly have to hunt.

And as most stereotypical hunters are unwilling to work, mostly fat, lazy, whining mopes, my guess is there will be quite a few unfilled tags.

I suppose time will tell.
I agree Greenhorn, I know 90% of the hunters I have talked to have yet to see a wolf in two drainages that I use to hunt alot until the wolves really took over. If they can't find a wolf there they won't find one any where. I am guessing success for holders of wolf tags will run less than 10% and if the fish and game pull their head from deep within their A$$holes and issue a couple griz tags success will run realatively low because everyone will put in whether they have the ability or ambition to get out there and get it done. As far as wolf hunting goes, I think we will see a quota system if they ever do open it up, that way the fish and goof can let a large population of hunters out there and take a few and sell 1000's of tags even though they may only have a quota of 10. They do the same thing with lions and are getting rich (about a half million a year on lion tags) even though there is limitted number of lions to be taken on the quota. Happy hunting, Casey

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So Casy & Greenhorn, would you buy a tag ?

I think the grizzly tag would be easier to fill than the wolf, but what do I know ?
I would buy both. I know a couple good places I would start looking for a growly bear. Given a week to ten days I think I could connect. As far as wolves go, I would buy a tag, but have a string of terrible luck gut shooting several before I could tag out. Wolves would be easy to get in my area. Simple, take a house cat and put it in a tree, get a hound and let it start barking treed, put a sheet over you and load up the 12 gauge with 00 and sit back and have fun. Happy hunting, Casey
I'd apply/buy both if I could. I know where I'd kill a wolf if I were to hunt in the winter, but I would be lost the other times of the year if that's when I had to try for one. I think I'd kill a bear easily if I could hunt a few places in the Gallatin Canyon/Upper Madison area, or along the Rocky Mtn front, south of the Blackfoot reservation. I'd have pretty good confidence anytime the bears were not hibernated in either of those places.

Casey... can't believe you are from Missoula and would think of gut-shooting a wolf. :D Perhaps you've had a visitor (Bryan M) who has influenced you a bit. Bryan has taken up residency with us while he's back in MT. We saw a hell of a big wolf a couple weeks back, while helping a guy get an elk near Gardiner. Of course, everybody wanted to shoot it, but nobody would. :(
Yep, Bryan needs to learn to embrace the diversity that Missoula has to offer! Like the kind young lady wrote in the editorial the other day, "leave the wolves alone, their llamas and pets can be replaced, you can't replace a wild wolf." This was in response to some people being a little upset about the Nine Mile wolves taking up a taste test on two occasions munching on some llamas. They seem to like the flavor so I am sure they will be back.
Bryan told me about seeing the big dog when you fellas were elk hunting (dandy bull by the way!) but in that local I would have wussed out to, too much of a chance to have spectators, and besides, three people can keep a secret, as long as two are dead! LOL happy hunting, Casey
PS Greenhorn, find me some cats over there to chase, we are catless in the Missoula area! :confused:
CASEY.. YOU sound like an Awsome guy !!!!! I might have to hunt with ya someday .. :D :D

Welcome aboard (A bit late).

SAVE a FAT CHICK, Kill a wolf

New kid on the block here. Want a mt lion bad, went to alaska, ( costly) seen nadda Griz or a brown :( Heard about mean ole silver backs in Sas (sp) canada.. Would like to try my hand at one of those. Don't believe lower 48 will see any Grizz tags issued. Bud in alaska gets wolfs all the time up there, here, i'm not really into killing a wolf, Unless he's in the mood for sum Italian Food ( me being a dago. )
Colorado now has bear tags issued for same time as elk hunts.. Now theres a novel idea. Seen sum big blacks in colo. elk hunting, might get me a bear tag this year but dangit, only 5 day hunts in Colo. now.. oh so little time.
I haven't seen any wolve's. But also haven't been activly looking. I did find a very big track on the North Fork in the Big Hole last year. It was still very very fresh. If I hadn't been looking for fish in the holes that were needing to thinned of fish. I might even have seen it. I did see some song dogs at thirty yards and a couple moose with in fourty. That was fun....
Bring on the wolf tag's. I'm ready to hunt some dog....