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Unique California Blacktail and Thoughts

I’ve been hunting deer here in California since the 1960s. Still deer here but you gotta work for them on public land especially in so cal. Most of my bucks have been forked horns and some of those forkees were old old deer with teeth ground down to almost nothing. But they still tasted great! You are right about the rest of the nation disrespecting us. When out of state we get flipped off as soon as they see our license plate—-even by the kids. But pigs, quail, dove, bear and deer hunting here ain’t bad at all. And your buck beats any buck I’ve ever shot by far but again I’m down in the south.
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What an awesome story and very cool buck. I grew up in CA and moved to Montana a few years ago. I love the hunting opportunities here in Montana, but I often find myself really missing the hunts CA has to offer. I hope to get back into the northern B zone country in search for blacktails and bears in the coming years.
I discovered an area at 3200' on a north slope that stays cooler. Afternoon ocean breeze most days. East side of the A zone is hotter. Haven't archery hunted it since 2008.
A zone - Tomorrow is the archery opener. Not go to make it. Good chance of being there Aug 13th for the rifle.

Anybody going?
Great buck . We do get a bad rap. Top notch duck/goose hunting . All the beArs and hogs u want. Great dove and quial . The ocean. Great bass fishing .. below avg deer but I get my 2 every year . Ya it sucks here:)