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Who is using Nosler Accubonds this year for Elk?

Autumn Pulse

New member
Jan 5, 2004
Seattle, WA
I just purchased some 200 gr. accubonds for my 300 win. I have not shot any game with them yet and don't know how they will shoot from my 300, but my 338 RUM loves them. They are very accurate out of it, but that gun gets a little heavy to tote around in the mtns.

Anyone else using accubonds for elk this year? If so, what caliber and load?

Has anyone shot any elk with them yet? How did they perform?

Any stories about this bullet on any game is also welcome.

-Autumn Pulse
Thats a good question I am also interested in seeing results.
I too have a 300 win mag and presently shoot 180grain nosler Ballistic tips.

on my 243 I am very happy with the results and have basically no meat damage.

I will be using the 200 grain Accubond in my .300 Winchester Magnum this year. My load is:

New W-W brass
Federal 215M primers
80.5 grains of H1000
200 grain accubond

Ave. velocity of 3038 fps.

Hope I get to poke a hole in something.