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Whitey, before & after (pics)


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Dec 10, 2001
North Dakota
If you remember, and for those of you who don't, I shot an oddly colored deer last fall that I just couldn't let walk. Had my sights set on something WAY bigger, but figured I would never see another like this one, so "The Terminator" was put to work. Here is a picture of the deer where it fell.


Not having the funds or a good place to put a full body mount, I decided to get the hide tanned. That ended up taking 6 months as the tannery waits to do all its albinos, dall sheep, mountain goats, etc. until it has a fresh batch of solution in order to keep from inadvertantly staining the light colored hides. ANYWAY here is the finished project which some of you requested seeing a picture of:




I am still trying to find a good way to display the hide but haven't really come up with anything I like yet. This is how I currently have it. Any ideas for a more complimentary display?

Ever seen any of the deer sculptures the franklin mint sells ? I'd set it somewhere with some of those sculptures on it.....
Bwana, Awsome, YEs indeed we remember that deer. Remember size doesn't matter

I really like the color. I think it looks good were it's at, I'd but a 8x10 picture of you on top of it though in a frame with the deer in the pic as above. Congrats again !!
Glad you guys liked it. It really is kind of cool.

So Moosie, your wife has been telling you the same thing huh? Thanks for the suggestion, I like that idea.
Beautiful Hide... they always look awesome draped over the back of your office chair. Or over the top of a dresser/cedar chest. Have fun with it.
Hey Bwana, yea I remember your deer from last year. I think the skin turned out great. I like the idea of tossing it over a small table with your field shot and a shed or two setting on it.

Thanks for bringing back deer memories from last year.

Welcome WhiteyQT.
that's a cool looking deer. the hide looks good right where its at. I have a deer hide tanned and its hanging on my bedroom wall. did you do anything with the antlers or head?? If you mounted the head you could get some more work done on the hide so it can lay flat put it on the wall with the head where the head goes.
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Thanks for the kind words and suggestions guys. As for the head, I simply cut the antlers out just like I've done with all my other bucks, except for a couple were mounted, and hung it on the wall in the garage.
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